Fifty clams.

So you’re a Druid.  And you’ve just picked up the Polearms skill.  But now what?  Auction House?  Not if you’re level 7o or so and have started questing in the Borean Tundra.

I’ve got a tip for you.  It’s called the Tidebreaker Trident.  And it’s yours for 50 clams.  That’d be Winterfin clams, of course.

And you get those all over the place up there.  Both above ground on the beach, inside the cave, and underwater.  It’s pretty much trivial to acquire it if you do the King Mrglgrgl quests with the Winterfin.

It used to be 100 clams.  Now it’s 50.  And it wasn’t always as nice as it is now.  This beats any quest reward I’ve seen in the three starting zones of Northrend.

With all the Attack Power and Agility I picked one up for my Hunter as well.  It finally replaced my TBC two-handed axe.

Yes, call me a noob.  But for fifty clams, it’s a steal.  And might be useful for more than a couple folks.

P.S. And it’s the same model as the beloved Nexusstrike of Molten Core.

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6 Responses to Fifty clams.

  1. Drazmor says:

    3 starting zones? Borean Tundra, Fowling Fjord, but whats the 3rd?

  2. Kinless says:

    Dragonblight. I figure anything before Dalaran counts as starter with regards to this item and quest rewards. But, you’re right, BT and HF are the true starter zones.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love that little area with the clams. I’ve had many folks tell me the King Mrglgrgl were one of their favorites in the expansion. I hit that area occasionally to grab 100 so I can nab a Siren’s tear when the vendor has them available. On my server they are usually 300-400g, so the 20-30 minutes of farming is more than worth it.

  4. Cait says:

    I just recently did this murloc area for the first time on my Priest. I enjoyed it!

    Yesterday I went into Old Kingdom and checked out the “trident” on the DK (dps)…it was this one, from turning in the clams. I’m not sure how great the weapon is for a DK considering there are amazing weapons out there from quests with a ton of strength on them…

    but it’s still a good weapon for swimming around and collecting clams! Woot!

  5. Zigg says:

    It is indeed a really nice polearm for a druid. I even considered getting this for my 70 warrior since Ingvar’s Monolithic Cleaver has yet to drop for me. Good thing you pointed this wep out 🙂

  6. wowconomics says:

    The clams are also a good way to make gold. Buying the pearls etc that are needed for jewelcrafting, you can make quite a bit of gold.

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