“Kirin Tor is full.” Say what?

I remember Argent Dawn, years (shocking, no?) ago, and they had queues to log on.  The world would be full most nights I looked to step into it.

Since then I’ve transferred servers here and there, and have been on Kirin Tor for a while now.

And tonight is probably the first night I’ve ever attempted to log on to KT and gotten a message that it’s full and I was in a queue.

Way to go Blizzard!  And that’s meant in a good way.  The game continues to deliver for a lot of people.


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One Response to “Kirin Tor is full.” Say what?

  1. Windpaw says:

    My deployment has me gaming at some really weird hours. Of a morning – when I log in on one of my rare mornings off, I am immediately slapped with a Moon Guard queue of like 1000+. No hope of logging on for at least an hour. The same holds true if I manage to stay up late enough to game with friends. If I get knocked offline for some reason – WHAM – back to a queue as well.

    I enjoy the world I’m on (and all of my favorite names are reserved here!) – but I’d seriously think about a free transfer if one came my way. Of course – I’d have to bring the guild along. Oh – and those guys in Ogrimmar that paint themselves blue and do that thing – you know that handstand dance….What? Those are *Trolls* – who knew….

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