Ripped off!

And I worked so hard at it.

Here’s a tip for those seeking the title Chef and doing everything and thinking you only need those last 30 Northrend recipes cooked up to get the achievement Northrend Gourmet and thus complete the cooking achievement Hail to the Chef.

It’s a lie.

See, once you get 30, you do get the achievement flash.  Yay!

But then you’re invited to go get 45.   I’ve been gipped.  Ripped off.

Better still, several of the recipes are not even in the game.  Yeah, yeah, they’ll patch in a fix sometime.  Big freaking deal.  Oh yeah, one of the recipes REQUIRES you, apparently, to PvP, requiring five “daily tokens.”  (It’s obviously not the Dalaran cooking tokens, because you need those for like the last 20 recipes.)  I don’t want to be required to PvP for anything.  I’ll choose to PvP.  Don’t force me.  Not for a freaking “Chef” title.  “Champion” or “Brutal Gladiator,” fine.  I’ll expect to PvP for those.  But “Chef?”  I ain’t buying it.  Bad form, Blizzard.  Bad form. The latest patch notes indicate all the rest available via a quest or Dalaran Cooking Awards.  Sweet.  I’ll be Chef yet.  (And I won’t be killed doing it.)


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5 Responses to Ripped off!

  1. Drazmor says:

    Yet another factor pulling me away from bothering to learn cooking…

  2. Kinless says:

    😉 Well, I’m this far in, I’ll keep doing them until I get that title, dammit!

  3. Windpaw says:

    mmmm….tastes like rantage….

    Add more emo – it really brings out the RAGE 🙂

  4. Kinless says:

    No, I think a dash of emo would only make it more cosmopolitan. I’m looking for something you’d throw into a pot of stew, outside the fortress walls that you’re besieging, the morning you’re set to be thrown over the wall in a catapult. A fist full of Cayenne pepper, maybe. With a sprinkle in the eyes for good measure.

  5. Windpaw says:

    You’re probably right.

    MOAR Pepper! Aaargghhhhhh *my eyes* – Okay – launch meh!

    Best visual ever…

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