C’mon now. Is this for real? A boss fight while in flight?

I continue to be blown away by the Expansion.

The Final fight in the Oculus we do on dragon back.  We have three different dragon choices.  Ruby, Amber, and Green.  Caster me, I took the green dragon to ride into the fights.  I have a poison spit.  (Remember Somnus in the Swamp of Sorrows and the Onyxia key quest chain?)  And I can heal another dragon.  The first fight, I didn’t understand and we failed.  Second time, it was new to two of us, we nailed it, killing the boss with what seemed full health on our drakes.  Sweet.

But, again, the stuff I’m seeing is still blowing me away.


So, all of a sudden it’s about how well you fly a drake.  You’ve been practicing, haven’t you?  With the Wyrmrest dailies?  One there in the Caldarra, and the other at the Wyrmrest in Dragonblight?  The rewards are great and the practice won’t kill you.  Oh, wait, it just might!  😉

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