My path to 80. And the other paths that I’ll take to 80.

So, with the holiday break, I’ve gotten Stormsoul to the exalted level of 80.

What was my path?  I did all the available quests in Borean Tundra.  All that I could find and handle solo.  I did a lot of the Howling Fjord quests, but not as many.  I was not to get the achievements for “completing” either until I’d gotten level 77 and flying brought them in closer.  I did all of 5 quests in the Grizzly Hills and then thought better of this route.  In hindsight I could have skipped doing any quests in the Grizzly Hills.  (Bear with me.)  I then went to the Dragonblight and had a good time.  After getting the quests done there, that were immediately available to me without any searching, I then went into Sholazar Basin and found Hemet Nesingwary.  I did the quests to get the achievement of having completed all his quests in all the lands.  A few mammoths more and I dinged 77.  After I trained in Cold Weather Flying in Dalaran a guildie whispered me.  “Now that you’re 77 go to Storm Peaks and do the quests.  That’ll get you xp and lead you into the Sons of Hodir dailies.”  Most excellent advice.  So, after getting Flight, I did all my remaining questing in Storm Peaks.  I did the dailies there religiously.  I also did the Wyrmrest daily (defending it), the three Kulak dailies (pups, food, and walrus love), and the drake hunt quest in the Coldarra.  Without worrying about selling anything, just the darn useless quest rewards (for me at least), I still managed to get the money back, 1000g, that I spent on flying.

And now that I’m 80 what have I got left to do? Why all the Heroics, raiding, and the rest of the instances.  And, of course, if I’m of the mind, return to Grizzly Hills, and check out Icecrown.  Maybe pick sides in the Frenzyheart vs. Oracles war there in Sholazar.  Oh, and can’t forget the Troll place.

My plan for Msaker and my wife Droonda is to follow in Stormsoul’s footsteps.  I.e. Borean Tundra+Howling Fjord->Sholazar Basin->Storm Peaks-> 80.

“But,” you might be saying at this point, “you’re missing out on all the content”.

Not at all.  Greenclaw and Itarilde will do the same Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord quests.  But then, for them, it’ll be off to the Grizzly Hills.  I think Druids will do better in the woods.  And then on to Zul’Drak, another zone I’ve only flown over, and not even stopped in yet.

The old expansion, the Burning Crusade.  You pretty much counted on 2 levels per zone.  Five to Seven zones, depending on how you quest, 10 levels, 60 to ding 70.  Hellfire to Zangarmarsh to Terrorkar or Blades Edge.  Then to Nagrand, then Shadowmoon Valley and/or Netherstorm.

But this time I was able to reach 80 and leave myself over half the content that someone else can level through and have it truly be all new for them.

Oh, yeah, PvP?  I haven’t done 1 honor point of it yet.  Except the small matter of the raid on some Alliance cities coming up soon.  Wish me luck! 🙂  (Result being me in back in the group photo below.  On my own War Bear.)

P.S. Have you noticed the Howling Fjord music?  It’s so beautiful and sad.  And have you noticed the Grizzly Hills music?  The same style, but a happy tune.  (At least I think so.)  I don’t know thing one about music composition, but there’s bits and pieces in the Grizzly Hills music that has me flying more slowly through, and detouring more deeply into, the Grizzly Hills so I can enjoy it more.  There’s bit and pieces in the music that are downright childlike and full of wonder.  The music is as amazing as everything else here.



It’s been a good day.


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6 Responses to My path to 80. And the other paths that I’ll take to 80.

  1. Chawa says:

    I’ll have to take note of the music in Howling Fjord. Couldn’t escape noticing the tunes in Grizzley Hills but what did catch my attention the most was the music in Sholazar Basin. Reminded me of Legend of Zelda and drove me batty!

    Thanks for sharing the Storm Peaks advice. I just hit 79 and had finished S.B and was wondering where to go next.

    PS. Congrats on Lv 80!

  2. Kinless says:

    You’ll head to K3. And there’s a quest called “They taken our men!” or something like that. That’s the quest that opened the whole place opens up for me.

  3. Windhunter says:

    My path for Windhunter was different on leveling. I first went to Howling Fjord and did the quest lines, popped over to Venomspite to drop the quest and left. After finishing the Fjords, I went to Agmar’s Hammer in Dragonblight and did most of the quests from there–when it wound down (I had quests to leave to Wyrmrest), I went to Borean Tundra.

    I finished Borean Tundra (which gave XP and the Kval’dar questlines make more sense), and then returned to Dragonblight. I finished Dragonblight (side note: How do I know I’m finished with a zone–I have the achievement for finish quests. I also do the dungeons that naturally fall into the quest lines).

    From Borean Tundra I go to Grizzly Hills, which is now not the huge ramp up in difficulty. Grizzly Hills is very cool, music, mobs, groups, and the nut job at Conquest Hold is just funny.

    After Grizzly Hills I do Zul’Drak–because you get pointed there by Drakkuru. I do the quest lines there to completion as well. In my travels, this is where I dinged 80.

    I then did Sholazzar, Storm Peaks and then Icecrown to cap it off.

    I finished out with about 5K gold from quests, selling useless items, etc. And I felt that I really had followed lines to their logical conclusions and was a spiffy hero of the Horde.

    So, recap: HF->Dragonblight (partial)->BT->Dragonblight (finish)->Grizzly Hills->Zul’Drak->Sholazzar->Storm Peaks->Ice Crown

    And the music everywhere is amazing, the ambience is incredibly–to me–immersive and well done.

    Happy hunting!

  4. raivyne says:

    I did Fjord > Dragonblight > Tundra > Grizzly Hills > Zul’Drak on my rogue.

    My little holy priest will probably do Fjord > Tundra > Dragonblight and then follow the rogue’s path.

    I’m going for the Loremaster and Explorer titles though… so I figured I’d get a headstart by exhausting the quests in zone sequence.

    Good blog btw! Grats on 80

  5. Drazmor says:

    Personally Grizzly Hills is one of my favourite zones I’ve ever been in. Partly because of the music, partly because of the quests, but mostly because of the top notch scenery Blizzard has done.

    Merry New Year by the way.

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