Thanks for the memeories.

Lassira tagged me for the latest meme.

Here’s the idea: Go back to your first few posts. Who was the first person to EVER comment on your blog? Call them out, link that post and thank them! Then tag a few folks to see who they call out.

That’s easier said than done though.  My first commenter, on my 8 Dec 05 post, was a spammer.

The next commenter on the 14th of December was Josh, and he invited me to check out his blog.  His angle was that he and his girlfriend both played.  The link he gave me, Stealth Penguin, is actually about penguins now.  😉  But, hey, we’ve got Penguin’s in Northrend, so it’s kind of timely actually.

Next up came Psyae, who on the 21st of December, a day shy of three years ago (3!), asked a ui question about Recap.  I was raiding Molten Core back then and did a fair job healing.  Psyae had a blog, but no longer blogs as far as I can tell, and along with Tomas Rofkahr’s blog, were the inspirations to take up blogging myself.

I’ll tag Tomas.  Time to get that internet in shape, feed the laptop some quarters, and post something again!  🙂


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Gamer. Engineer. Lived lots of places.
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2 Responses to Thanks for the memeories.

  1. Cait says:

    Awesome 🙂 I just started to read your blog more often these days. Great reading material so far! I enjoy it 🙂

    It is somewhat sad to see how many great bloggers have put away their ideas and pens (and utterly stopped blogging)….but real life happens, new things happen and sometimes, new blogs occur instead! I found a few “dead” blogs were actually just abandoned for newer versions with a more accurate title!

    Remembering those first few times we felt praise really does make you take a look at how far you’ve come as a blogger. Keep it up and I’ll keep reading!

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