ZOMG I’m a WoW nerd. :)

Last night I was out at our local Game Stop picking up a Collector’s Edition and a regular edition of the expansion.  The TBC CE went to the wife so this time around she graciously let me have it.

There were like 80 or so people waiting for the midnight release.  It took an hour, but was amusing.  My general impression of the crowd: low 20’s, a lot of smokers (which surprised me), and WoW appeals to all types.  There was a granddad there with his granddaughter picking up a copy.  For her no doubt.  Cool.  Some kid had an Alienware laptop and loaded the game right then and there.  I think he got stuck at the patching.  Lol.

And hats off to the Evans, GA Game Stop folks.  They had issues with their credit card machines (apparently thousands of customers across the nation were buying with credit cards and that slowed the system tremendously).  They attempted to have a costume contest, nobody came in a costume, so they then did some other contest and split the prize between like six or seven folks.  They were friendly and I thought they handled it great.

So getting home, loading and patching both machines, and it didn’t take that long, probaby very few were doing the same so lots of bandwidth to grab the patches.  I then logged in with Stormsoul to do a few starter quests in the Borean Tundra.  I brought out my Frosty.  Two guildies logged on and brought our their own Frostys.  (Hard to hide with the achievements thing now. 🙂 )  Cool beans.  I did the starter quests there in the Warsong Hold and logged out for the night.

This morning the wife and I created our Death Knights.  Definitely the opportunity to beat the mad rush.

I created a Blood Elf Death Knight in order to party with Halcyon.  She created a Human Death Knight to be the partner of Honorus.  I think Death Knight and Paladin duos would be pretty good together.  It turns out the entire starting sequence, through speaking with Thrall/Wrynn, you are alone with your faction.  Only after you complete the entire Death Knight introduction sequence does the other faction appear to you in Ebon Hold.

And that’s where Cenotaph, my guy, and Ombria, her gal, got to meet each other.  After doing basically the same quests basically side by side yet in our own universes.

Cenotaph & Ombria

Anyway, we’re going back in after lunch.

Enjoy the expansion!


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One Response to ZOMG I’m a WoW nerd. :)

  1. Wilhelm2451 says:

    For some reason, the whole death knight thing keeps slipping out of my brain. I’ve just been focused on Northrend. Going to have to go roll one up tonight!

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