On the eve of the expansion and Blizz busts their game?

The game’s been down since 5 a.m. pacific standard time.  That’s right, I’m a Federal Employee and had the day off.  And Fall’s come so the lawn’s dead anyway.  Nothing to look forward to but Pally Power.

Now there’s a problem with the in-game mail system?  That’s the reason they’ve given why it’s not been brought back online after their 5-11 a.m. pst maintenance.

ETA on the servers being back up is 4:30 p.m. pst or so.

WTF?  On the eve of the expansion you guys do this?  What the heck was so important that you had to insert it into the game today and it broke the game via the mail system?

That means we’ll have 1 day to play, unless we’re back to work, /raise hand, before we all start installing the expansion and on start up then having to download gigabytes of the inevitable patch to it?  Afterall, they must have mastered the disks before they nerfed the Paladins, so that patch, at least, is going to be required.

On the positive side, Game Spot’s computer generated cheerleader invited me to their midnight opening tomorrow night.  Ten p.m. actualy and I’m encouraged to wear a costume.  Yeah, right.  I won’t show up and tell them I’m a rogue.  Damn, that won’t work.  Never mind.  I’ll just go quarter till.  And I’ll be out the door at around midnight with two copies of the game.  Then it’s installing them, then going to sleep while it patches.  And Thursday, a personal day off, it’s off to Northrend for the Mrs. and I.  /cheer.

Edit: 10:30 est, so 7:30 pst, and the news server is down, and though the game loading screen starts without a message saying they’re down, there are no servers to pick from, only some Developmental zone, which has no servers on it.  So, still down, and about 8 hours late now.  Disappointing.

Edit: They really did screw up something.  Check out this link at WoW Insider.  Heh.  “Nothing to see.  Just move along.  Your stuff is fine.  We’ve just mailed you what you had in the mail.”  Or, in their words, “All items in the mail system will be sent to characters in one or more mail messages.”  Uh, isn’t that what’s gone wrong in the first place??  I know I use the mail as off-line storage and my bank toon regularly has pages and pages worth of items.  Recently I cleared out like 3 pages of items that’d been mailed to her, only to discover another 3 pages worth of stuff.  Which reminds me, I sure hope I didn’t lose all those BoE epics and Executioner Inscriptions I mailed to myself.  I *HATE* when that happens.  (I kid, I kid.)


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2 Responses to On the eve of the expansion and Blizz busts their game?

  1. Better the eve of release than the day after release I suppose.

    Still, the in-game mail system? Of all things? Which reminds me, I must quickly log and remove anything important from my mailboxes before EU maintenance.

  2. notcoding says:

    Presuming that Blizzard hasn’t broken this it as well (not feeling terribly optimistic at this precise moment, but..) you shouldn’t have to spend too much time patching.

    In theory, unless you have actively deleted the patch(es?) on live since 3.0.2, you won’t have to re-download those. Not to say they won’t add another one, but they have said that any you have downloaded since things went gold are going to be patched in automatically.

    Certainly doesn’t mean the servers will actually be up, but at least you’ll be able to see the empty realm list, rather than the downloader progress bar. 😀

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