Ret, my pet. You’re lookin’ good.

Holy ma-moly!

I’ve tried Retribution before.  But it ain’t ever felt this good.  In the same gear as now, same weapon, and it’s like “e-z mode” has been unlocked now.  The blinders have been lifted up off my eyes.

I’m in Andorhol and some fights I was two-, three-shotting mobs just a level below me.  And it’s just all unleashed all at once.

Retribution Aura.  Blessing of Might.  Seal of Command.   Judgement of Light.  A Crusader Strike or two.  Holy Wrath to stop the casters from casting.  Hammer of Justice to stop the stubborn.  Hammer of Wrath to serve the Coup de Grace.

I dinged there in Andorhol and then what didn’t feel like a whole lot later I was nearly 1/3 into level 57.

I ran that place like Fixx ran parks.  Maybe at 70 it’s all QQ now, but at 56-57 Ret feels awesome!


And, yes, for the sharp eyed, that is a demon slaying enchant on my sword.  The sword, my Demonslayer, already comes with +99 against demons.  Add the demon slaying enchant, and I can’t imagine how much stronger I’ll be when I go up against demons.

That is also the full Imperial set.  No +Int on it.  Mana wasn’t too much an issue.  I’d drink every 3-4 fights.

And that Flesh Golem guy there in Andorhol?  I’d always avoided him.  But he can take that silly dragon off his portrait now.  Don’t know what that’s doing there.


The fight was trivial.  (P.S. I see in this screenshot my Seal of Command was down.  Which meant I wasn’t doing Judgements, and not getting Replenishment.  Something I’ll have to keep a better eye on.  Lol.)

Ret?  Whoa.  Just whoa.


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