Two many things to play, too little time.

I’ve been pretty much splitting my time between World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online.

No ennui for me regarding Warhammer.  This ain’t a “I’m quitting WAR” post.  Heck, I’ll be the  first to admit I’ve barely scratched the surface.  I’ve got one level 12 character.  A few around 10 and 11.  I just started a(nother) Squig Herder last night. I’ve barely ventured into the Tier 2 content.  And I like the sound of both the Dark Elf’s Blackguard (who the developers say should be regarded as 14 year-old emo punks, all that and angry) and the Empire’s Knights of the Blazing Sun (who know better than you).  These are caricatures of the characters you love to hate, and if I’m feeling that about them and the classes, Mythic’s already sold them to me.  And the wife and I are enjoying the game, and playing together with our myriad of couples.

In World of Warcraft, we’re hardly “taking a break” before the expansion hits in just over a week.  Last night we encountered Mother Shahraz for the second time, and killed her for our first time.  Sweet.  Some folks in the guild are now wearing two pieces of Tier 6 gear.  We may not be blazing trails, but we’re on them.  And that’s great.  Because we all know this content is flushed into the sewer of obscurity once the new end-game is opened up.  To be in there, in Illidian’s little gardens of pleasure, is really pretty cool.

Anyway, that and work and the garden (planting next spring’s tulips today) are keeping me gainfully busy.

(And I’ve got one more continent’s worth of inns to trick-or-treat at and I’ll close out “Grabbing Candy Throughout the Known World” achievement.)

P.S. Trick or Treating wound up ending last night and I was a continent short.

P.P.S. I learned a bit more about Warhammer’s Witching Night.  These Restless Spirits are summonable in some way, it would seem.  And a Black Orc has a nice AoE effect.  Got myself 3 leather Gobba masks.

Gobba gobba hey!


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