Two Boos. WoW vs. WAR

I’ve got two “Boos” for you.  The first is for World of Warcraft’s Halloween activities, the other is for Warhammer Online’s version of the holiday.

The first is a short “Boo!”  Leaping out from behind a shrubbery and trying to scare you with a jovial fright “Boo!”  It’s a fun “Boo.”  There’s candy to be had throughout the lands.  Every inn in every zone on every continent on every world has an innkeeper you can ask “Trick or Treat” of, once an hour, all you want.  There’s baskets to pluck treats from.  You can get candy which give you buffs, and eat enough and you’ll humorously regret it.  Heck, they even had ZOMBIES!!!! come to town.  YOU TOO COULD BE A ZOMBIE in search of BRAAAAAINS!!!  There’s fires to put out in the newbie towns.  There’s the Headless Horseman in the Scarlet Monastery’s graveyard.  There’s some elf guy in Karazhan.  There’s something for everyone, level 1 to 70.  And it’s ongoing.  Nice.  Well played, Blizzard.

The other “Boo” is a long one.  “Booooo.”

That’s not quite adequate to describe my feeling though.  Remember the movie, the Princess Bride?  The Hag who accosts the Princess before her engagement?

Hag: Boo, boo!

Buttercup: Why do you do this?

Hag: Because you had love in your hands, and you gave it up!

Buttercup: But they would have killed Westly if I hadn’t done it!

Hag: YOUR TRUE LOVE LIVES! And yet you marry another. True love SAVED HER in the fire swamp, and she treated it like garbage. So, bow to her if you want. Bow to her. Bow to the queen of slime, the queen of filth, the queen of putrescence. Boo, boo! Rubbish, slime, filth, muck! Boo, boo, boo!

That’s the kind of “Boo” I’m thinking for Warhammer Online’s Halloween event.

Really, really disappointing.  The Wife and I enjoy these kind of in-game events.  We’ve done all the ones in World of Warcraft.  (Brewfest this year versus last was a total rip-off, but still…)  The announcement of WAR’s was … unspectacular.  But, we’re game, and wanted to check it out.

There is zero sign of anything out of the ordinary in the beginning Dwarven zone.  Zip, nada, nothing.  You’d not know anything special was afoot in the world.

Okay.  It’s WAR and there’s this Public Quest in the Tier 1 RvR zone of Chrace.  Okay.  We get our level 10 Humans and head to check it out.  Arriving in the High Elf Warcamp we pick up the “Scout the four hot spots” quests.  Good thing.  Because there was ZERO going on.  NOTHING.  NADA.  We cruised into the Public Quest area.  Saw it was 20 Order/100 versus 13 Destruction/100 score.  And nobody was around.  2 of the 4 holds were in Destruction hands so when a Dwarf tank joined us we went and captured them.  (I’m a Warrior Priest, the wife a Bright Wizard.)  One Destruction player, a Witch Elf, showed up at a taking and we killed her.  Of course the “keeps” are outside of the Public Question for “Witching Night” and we received no credit for her.

We cruised around Chrace a little more, saw NOBODY else, and gave up.

So, did we have to try the Tier 2 RvR area in Troll Country? Oh, yeah, that’s a good idea.  I did mention we were level 10?  There was some siege going on, the keep closest to the Empire Warcamp.  Players everywhere.  Fighting.  We were flagged.  It was chaotic and I never saw the PQ info pop up.  We were approached by two level 20 Destruction players.  Roh roh.  I headed towards the friendlies at the keep.  The wife ducked behind a rock and got killed by them.  I made my way back to camp.  In area chat I kept seeing “You’re not going to get credit unless you pull them into this zone.”  And “I’m killing them but not getting credit.”  Stuff like that.  That was my same experience in Tier 1.  That PQ zone was awful small.  I thought it should be the entire RvR lake.  But apparently not.

Now that “daily quest” they added, first being this holiday thing.  Kill 50 of these ghosts, and 30 of something, and 30 of something else.  Where were these things?  In Chrace we never saw a one.  We were all over that lake and never saw one of those.  Outside the Troll Country Warcamp there was a graveyard.  And, yes, those sprits were popping up.  By the time you targeted and pulled… gone.  Target, wind up the throwing … gone.  Damn, those disappeared quick.  Obviously not a problem for someone with an instant cast long range spell.  Absurd for a melee type.

And we never saw the other two.  Not being level 20, without a mount, we were in ZERO mood to go look anymore.

Funny enough, later, in the Chapter 2 Orc PQ I killed 3 more of those ghosts on my Orc.  Go figure.  Nowhere in the RvR lakes.  Completely random and arbitrary where they did appear.

And that was it.  That’s all I saw of WAR’s “Halloween event.”

I may be level 10, but that’s 25% of the level cap.  Why am I supposed to be left out of the fun?  Is it all about the end-game?  WAR is designed to have people at all levels.  You can’t force everyone into Tier 4 because what would happen in Tier’s 1 to 3?

And to that I’ve got to say “You got to me merding me.”  Pardon my French.  You’re in Europe for crying out loud, fighting in what amounts to a late medieval Germany/Austria, and they can’t provide a more “All Hallows’ Eve” flavor?

So, to that I can only say “Boo, boo! Rubbish, slime, filth, muck!

WoW, Blizzard, gets a great “Boo!” 🙂 for their Halloween stuff.

WAR, Mythic, gets a /golfclap “Boooooo.”

What do you think?



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3 Responses to Two Boos. WoW vs. WAR

  1. Grimmtooth says:

    I am no WAR fanboi, but I have to say, for the sake of fairness, that since they are still working on getting all the races and capitol cities implemented and running, that maybe one might cut them a little slack for not having a seasonal bit of fluff ready to go at this point.

    Next year is open season, though.

  2. Moufas says:

    the thing is that u enjoyed all of the halloween things in war. The PQs were the same in all tiers like the one u did in Chrace just differnt level players. And the other thing about ghosts and spirits is a global influnce thing, u kill theese things in all the the game maps and u get some rewards from a guys in Altdorf or Inevitable.
    And thats all , nothing else, nada.
    However WoW didnt have Halloween event at all at its begining and all the things u say were added during all the years the game exists so if we want to be fair on features add per game life WAR beats WOW!

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