The common denominator is me. Level 40 griefer.

It would seem whatever faction I choose, whatever server I may find myself on, whatever flipping game I happen to be playing, my team will lose.  Over and over.  You can count on it.  If you were a betting man, you’d find me and bet that my team loses.  Whether it’s Nordenwatch with my Tank or Archmage or whatever, or my Zealot or Disciple of Khaine, I will be on the losing side and the winners will look like they do this for a living.  Coordinated attacks, moving as a group, and my side looks like roaches after the lights go on.  We might have one tank, or five, it doesn’t matter.  We will lose.  The other side always has more of everything they need than we do.  They’re everywhere, doing everything, carving through my side like a carving knife through a christmas goose. It’s just too funny.  If there were points for coming in last, like some wierd bizzaro world, I’d be raking them in.  How do I have this influence on 9 other indepent players, I do not know.

Then there’s the butt head in the public quest.  Chapter 3 of the Empire.  He’s a level 40 Dwarf tank.  He’s got the beer keg in his beard and so he’s got the Collector’s Edition of the game.  Anyway, his sport was this:  Kill as many as he could in Phase I of the event.  Basically raiders and some other class.  He’d kill way more than any of us could, logically.  Same for Phase II.  Then, when Phase III started, when the level 7 Hero came out, he’d just step away.  Basically go off to some hill and just sit there.  I figure this way he could deny everyone else the Influence to be had by doing the killing in the first two Phases.  And then sit there while the Hero times out, no chest for anyone.  Sure, we could have brought our own tank+healer+dps, but have you been around any Public Quests lately?  They’re hard to come by.  I just love how this level 40 player has got zip better to do than to grief his own side.


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4 Responses to The common denominator is me. Level 40 griefer.

  1. Hah it’s good to see that there are other people like me with a negative luck-offset.

    Does it affect your rolls too? I haven’t won a single useful roll since I started the game about a year ago which is about in line with my ‘luck’ or lack thereof in other games.

    As for the grievers… well they’re easier to recognize now that they’re walking around as zombies 😛

    Applaud them and tell them their mommy must be proud, nothing seems to irk a good griever more than a friendly patronizing pat on the head.

  2. Arkenor says:

    I would very much appreciate it if you would move to my server, and play on the other side to me.

    My bad luck is different. I am utterly incapable of getting anything better than a green bag from a PQ or keep capture.

  3. Solidstate says:

    > “Then there’s the butt head in the public quest…”

    I guess this proves there is no game mechanism devs can invent which cannot be subverted by someone who is enough of a jerk.

    If WAR had official realm forums like WoW does I would suggest you post his name and charming behavior but as far as I heard WAR doesn’t have official forums.

    You story reminds me of the time I was leveling my WoW main, ~3 years ago (a human mage). I was trying to do the Defias Traitor escort quest (, along comes a level 60 Horde and in one hit kills the Traitor. Quest failed – in a way I’m betting the devs didn’t think of 😦

    In a way, I’m not surprised though. WAR is a PvP game without a proper endgame to keep max-level people busy, and you know what they say about idle hands… 😉

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