Addon madness.

I was showing my wife screenshots from our Black Temple excursion.

She saw this screenshot and said “Can you even see the game?”

I said “I need the info.  Yes.”

Trust me, it’s fully useable.

This got me to thinking this morning, before we head out of town for a few days, and after reading about some recent thoughts on a Warhammer issue.

That is, in WoW every action I take goes from my Tauren’s fingers to the target.  Lightning, healing, shocks.  And when I cast a spell the bolt leaves my fingertips, travels the distance between, connects, and unloads it’s damage.  That’s the case, well, 95% of the time.  Quel’Danas and the Wretched are quirky sometimes with some warping happening.

In WAR, however, things are a lot more disconnected.  Playing a Bright Wizard, occasionally, I have the opportunity for some big time hits against mobs a little below my level.  Sometime I get a one-shot crit hit, and the creature’s dropped before I finish my moves.  Or it’s dropped and I still cast the follow-on gout of fire on it’s dead body, though at that point it’s no longer an eligible target, being dead and all.  There is a disconnectedness there in the combat that needs to be tightened up some.  (Hello, Mythic.  Are you taking notes from the blogosphere?)

Anyway, I’m out of here for a few days.  Take care.  Mind the Orcs/Elves.


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