First, and latest, but not last, flight.

Do you remember.  Your first Night Elf character?  Coming down to Rut’Theran Village.  (Through that strange portal.  Did you jump through too?)  And finding the Night Elf Flightmaster, Vesprystus, in that cool looking feathered armor, standing in front of the most strange and beautiful looking creatures, the hippogryphs.

I mean, my word.  You’ve encounted tigers and boars and owls while in Darnassus.  But you’d never seen the likes of these.

And such wonderous creatures they were.  The iridescent colors.  The turquoise and that shocking orange, and that both so wonderfully coexited on the same strange creature.

And then to get to ride one.  To a distant far off shore, called, appropriately, Dark Shore.

Did you imagine to yourself, that first ride, wouldn’t it be so cool to fly one under your own control?

But, alas, it was only land mounts at the time.  The Outlands not even imagined in the average players mind at that point, so many years ago.  And when flight was offered in the Outlands, disappointingly it wound up being the boring old faction mounts, the Griffons and the Windriders.

And then, a while back, the Cenarian Expedition offered that dream come true offer.

Your own War Hippogryph.

It took a little work.  A lot even.  It wound up not being my Night Elf that got it.  And the wife lent me a lot of gold for it.

Through the help of my wife, and a great guild, and good friends, I’ve got a Hippogryph to call my own now.

Sweet.  Like a porsche, there is no subsitute for your dreams.


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One Response to First, and latest, but not last, flight.

  1. *vlad* says:

    Even Gnomes look good on them!

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