Need or Greed in a time of WAR.

Last night I played around in a little WAR RvR.  I did not really appreciate earlier how decent the reputation rewards are.  It is a substantial upgrade over quest drops and the influence rewards.  I’m all of level 8 now, but I forsee a lot more time in the battles.

In one match a piece of loot drops that we all have a chance to roll on.  At a quick glance it’s a green item.  A gun.  I’m thinking Witch Hunter.  Hovering over the item though I see it’s for Dwarves only, therefore for an Engineer.

My experience with the Public Quests has been that a lot of folks simply Greed what they can’t use.  And a few will roll Need on everything, particularly if they can’t use it.  I suppose they “Need” the salvaged materials, or they “Need” to gear up an alt, or they “Need” gold.  Hey, we all do, am I right??

But, no, not really.  We don’t all need everything all the time.  It encourages me when I see folks rolling “Greed” for something they don’t really need, or, and bless their hearts, some even “Passing” on something they can’t use.

But I’m human, I’m in that mosh pit, and hell, when folks are pigging it up, my worse side get’s a hold of me, and if everyone just rolls “Need” on everything, I’d be an idiot not to myself.  That just makes me human I guess.

Like I said, this Engineer gun drops.  My first reaction is to roll greed on it.  Because my wife has an engineer and I love giving her presents.  And then I see a Witch Hunter roll need on it.  So that’s how it’s going to be?  Alright, I’ll roll Need on it too.  And I win.  I feel kind of dirty about it, but it was me or the Witch Hunter, and neither of us can use it.  Neither of us should have rolled “Need” on it.  But he did, I did, and the mob rules.

“Grats” someone says.  That’d be the third person who’d rolled need.  This was the Engineer.  The guy who could actually use it.

And as God is my witness I moved around the flag looking for this guy.  I found him and opened up my bag and I dragged the gun onto his character.  I’m going to give that gun to the Engineer and I’m not messing around with wasting time and striking up a converstation about it.  Just do it.  “Did I want to destroy the item?” the game asks.  No!  I again took the item and dragged it over onto his character.  “Did I want to destroy the item?”  No, no, no.  Sigh.  In Warcraft you can give someone something by dragging the item from your bag onto their character.  That automatically opens a trade window.  Not so here.  I see Destruction breaching the hill.  I move up to his portrait and figure I’d get a trade window open with him.  He moves into the fight.  The last thing he needs is some ninja looter opening windows on his screen as a fight starts.  The game ends and we’re home again.  I don’t recall his name well enough to try and mail it to him.

So here is what I resolve to do.  I’ll keep rolling Greed for stuff for alts, provided someone else that can’t use it doesn’t roll Need.  If we’re all honest and decent, that works for me.  But as soon as I see a Witch Hunter roll Need on a Rune Priest drop, I am too.  But here’s what I’ll do.  I’ll say in chat, /sp, wherever, “Whoever rolled Need and can really use it, come open a trade window with me and it’s yours.”  Or I’ll track them down and open a trade window with them and give it to them.  That way the folks who honestly rolled need get the advantage of my rolling for them in addition to their roll.  Frankly, what else is there to do?

What Mythic should do is add a small mechanic to the loot roll process.  If a class can’t use an item, they should not be able to roll Need on it.  Allow a Witch Hunter, say, only 2 options on Engineer gear, Pass or Greed.  This would would greatly increase fairness in the loot drops. 

Or is the consensus truly “All’s fair in love and war?”


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