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For Death Knights, Orange is the new Green.

Let me start off by saying I’ve completed the Death Knight introductory quests.  The experience just got better and better.  At one point you’ll be in a barracks, and you’ll be reintroduced to an old friend of yours, and it’ll … Continue reading

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Fun in the WoW Beta.

The lag’s been cleaned up a bit in the WoW Beta.  Or there are fewer people trying to log in and running around and it was improved for me so I could actually explore some. I got the arrows my Death … Continue reading

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WoW Beta Scam. If it’s from an Oxyhost address, it’s not real.

Remember that 2nd Beta key I told you about that I thought I’d just gotten?  Right on the heels of the first one? Well, I did not click on the link offered in the e-mail.  Hovering over it I now … Continue reading

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When it rains, it pours. Betas. In stores November!

I got a second WotLK beta key in the mail today.  Hmm.  Yay? Trouble is the beta is nigh unplayable at the moment.  For instance, I’m doing the Death Knight quests.  There’s one where you go collect arrows in the … Continue reading

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I pity the fool. Gear. Druids and Death Knights, it’s not too late.

When the real Mr. T gets a hold of him… This is a live shot, btw.  Yep, that’s Kinless.   I’ll be waiting for you, Mr. T.  Right behind the rhino. Greenclaw took the name Catmando.  Like Commando, like Catman do, … Continue reading

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Just the two of us, part deux.

A couple days ago I told you how the wife and I’s Druids, levels 66 and 68 respectively, duo’d the Nesingwary elite quests, to include the final one. The other night we successfully duo’d the Forge Camps there in Nagrand.  … Continue reading

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Completed the public quest in Chapter 1.  I think that’s why I’m carrying this torch. And I used to have white hair before today’s patch. They must have added a fountain of youth.  After they took my freaking eye.  How … Continue reading

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