I don’t have a drinking problem. I do have a Brewfest problem.

I drink.  I get drunk.  I fall down.  No problem.

I do have a problem with this year’s Brewfest.  Snooze & Booze for no Uuze Fest.

Last year Msaker got on that racing ram put near every darn day and rode that Ram until he’d acquired one of his own.  I was planning on the same thing this year for one of my Draenei characters.  NOPE!  Sorry, Charlie.  Blizzard decided to change the rules and no mount for you.

Instead you’re more than free to get 4 of your raiding buddies and go raid Blackrock Depths for a chance at one.  What was once a reward for perseverance by anyone was this year changed into a reward for perseverance, and blind luck, by level 70 raiders.

Yet one more example of how Blizzard is catering to “End level” raiders.  Everyone else not like this?  “Level up to 70 and quit your bitching.”

Those Hollys that change your mount?  I bought one of the plain ones, and then a preserved one.  I knew the plain ones went away because they’re got a timer.  But the preserved ones didn’t.  Turns out, ha ha!, that they’re both one-use items.  They don’t mention there’s a charge.  I suppose the preserved ones so you can ride a ram at Christmas time.  By Christmas you can be riding a Stormpike Ram.  20 coins for a one shot mount change.  At any time without expiration!  Yee haw!

Oh well.  We sampled the brews and then went and did what we’re supposed to do.  Level up, of course.  (And don’t pause in the battlegrounds on the way since Blizzard’s taking away your honor and marks you might earn from you too.)

P.S. Now that latter part.  Blizzard is taking it back.  You can keep all the honor you want now.  But future level 80 rewards will be significantly more expensive.  Uh, yay?  Will I all of a sudden find more time to play at level 80 than I do now at 70?  Will I get 26 hours a day?  28?  So the pacing of reward for effort will slow down at 80 as compared to 70?  Is that it?  Every other boss in a level 80 raid will drop an item, as compared to every boss at 70 dropping 2 or so?  Or is it just harder for folks to pvp their way into gear like now?


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2 Responses to I don’t have a drinking problem. I do have a Brewfest problem.

  1. Matticus says:

    It will be slightly more difficult for players to PvP their way into entry level raid gear. So while the costs have increased, I suspect the gains have increased as well.

    Wouldn’t it just suck if you need to get 60 WSG and 40 AV tokens to get bracers? =D

  2. Kinless says:

    WSG! AGH! I just picked up 16 tokens out of there. As painful as ever. My last fight in there, we actually won for a change, I happily declared “My last WSG ever!” I hope I won’t eat those words. 😉 It stands to reason, however, that Blizzard will require tokens from each of the old battlegrounds. Otherwise who’d play them?

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