Escaping the Mist

I left Warsong Hold last night with my Prot Warrior, Grorc.  I wound up down on a beach covered in mists.

I was given a couple tasks to do there on that beach.  Recover some artifacts, some metal plates, and a machine.  A came across a Tauren girl in a misty hut littered with Warsong bodies who needed help getting to safety.

And I’m going to say Wow, that it was a great experience.  It was just a couple of short quests.  “Go collect some stuff and bring it back to me” type.  But the whole experience.  Entering the mist, having my vision altered, narrowed down, and then bringing memories to life.  It was really, really great.  And when Mootoo said “I’m so cold” I half expected her to be a ghost herself.  Lost in a broken past.  Endlessly trying to get back to her dad.

It was a little laggy.  But this is all new stuff for the game.  New ways of having players interact with the environment, changeable and “maturing” environments (DK area), tanks.  Yes, tanks.  We’re not jumping the shark here, we’re going out to kill it.


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1 Response to Escaping the Mist

  1. wowblogger says:

    Argh just you speaking about WOTLK gets me so… excited. Mist lessens your vision? Sounds awesome.
    wowblogger – Wow Blogger

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