For Death Knights, Orange is the new Green.

Let me start off by saying I’ve completed the Death Knight introductory quests.  The experience just got better and better.  At one point you’ll be in a barracks, and you’ll be reintroduced to an old friend of yours, and it’ll hit home.  A seed of doubt will be sown in newly fertilized ground.  You’ll fly a dead dragon against the Scarlet Crusade.  Did you know archers, still kicking and screaming, restore mana?  Just really wild stuff.  And you come out of it with a full gear replacement.  All your greens will then be blue.  And getting there, the story line, the quests you do, is just great.

They could offer a slightly slower introduction to the new Death Knight abilities however.  It was a whirlwind of furious flurry the whole time.  At some point one might want to slow down and analyze what’s going on in order to get the most out of it.  Running rampant works pretty good at the moment though.

First stop for the graduating Death Knight is meeting with your faction’s main leader.  Curious, I went and got the key to the Scarlet Monastery.  Stuff died very quickly.  I’m not sure what all was it work, but my scrolling combat text was a riot of numbers, and I you’ve got diseases of every flavor at work.  Then it was off to Shattrath City in the Outlands.  On the ride through Hellfire Penninsula I stopped and did a death grasp on the first boar I saw.  I didn’t even check the level, but it was orange to me.  Pork chops, in very short order.  Orange is the new green if you’re a Death Knight.


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2 Responses to For Death Knights, Orange is the new Green.

  1. Morane says:

    Sounds like a target for nerf bat to me.

  2. Kinless says:

    It’s the first Hero class. It’s got to be heroic, or else why bother? Just more souls for the Warlocks to reap?

    I’d hope Hero means just that for the rest of the game, and not just 1) they got to skip 55 levels and 2) they start out in a full set of cool looking blue gear making it the equivalent of the old Strat/Scholo/LBRS/UBRS gear grind without any grind.

    They’ve got the entire Outland to burn through before they ever step foot in Northrend where they belong.

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