When it rains, it pours. Betas. In stores November!

I got a second WotLK beta key in the mail today.  Hmm.  Yay?

Trouble is the beta is nigh unplayable at the moment.  For instance, I’m doing the Death Knight quests.  There’s one where you go collect arrows in the fields of Havenshire.  I spot an arrow.  Nobody around it.  Just sparkling like you please.  So I go to pick it up.  Picking up, picking up, picking up, picking up, “Object already in use”, Huh??, and all of a suddent there is a swarm of Death Knights around me, all having just zoomed in from different directions, homed in on my arrow like hungry dogs to kibbles & bits, moving at a pace that would make Benny Hill proud.  All we’re missing is the Yakety Sax theme music.  C’mon.  Over and over.  I got maybe 3 arrows (feels like hours) in the fruitless 30 minutes I spent trying to do quests.  Are there truly so many Death Knights the client can’t even load them all?  I did manage to score the mount.  (Tip: Watch your action bar.  It’s going to be flipping faster than a politician running for office.  When you grab your mount, you get a new action bar, purposeful for the mount you’re on and the quest you’re doing.  I think this must be the mechanic for the rideable/operable siege engines and such.)

I have gotten to Northrend.  I did a couple of quests there with Greenclaw before it became unplayable and/or unaccessible.  I sent Msaker there as well, but can’t log him in to play with any talent builds.  Lag prevents getting any true feel of new mechanics and such.  There must be some other kind of server where it’s actually playable.  I’ve seen the videos afterall.

All the Death Knight abilities are instant cast.  There is nothing instant at the moment.  At least I’m not expected to be fighting like leveled mobs.  That would be sure death over and over otherwise.  They, these DK’s, do seem powerful.

And I’m in the Warhammer headstart.  Wilhelm von Grimenhagen of Ostermark at your service.  Witch Hunter.  I have to say the experience is so much richer with headphones on.  The sound effects that I’ve otherwise missed over my sorry speakers are incredible.  The wife is enjoying the game as well, wanting to check things out.  She made a Bright Mage.  Altoholics that we are, we’ve got characters on both sides now.  No issue with lag here, and it’s not really a beta afterall, but the PQ’s have been causing my system a little bit of grief.

So, it’s a bit of rain all around.  But, truth be told, I like rain.

P.S. And now I saw it over at Galoheart’s: Confirmed! WotLK in Stores 11/13/08


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