Just the two of us, part deux.

A couple days ago I told you how the wife and I’s Druids, levels 66 and 68 respectively, duo’d the Nesingwary elite quests, to include the final one.

The other night we successfully duo’d the Forge Camps there in Nagrand.  Those are level 68, 3-person suggested, elite quests.  We had a false start on our first attempt.

And then we got it.  The trick was to off-tank for each other.  One tanked while the other DPS’d and healed.  Mana for heals running low, then time to swap into Bear mode and grab aggro and hold it.  The other healed up, dropped more heals, and then grabbed aggro back.

We managed to bounce the two bosses between us for victories.

On the second boss we managed to grab an additional elite Felguard type.  We’d looted the boss, which we did kill, before we died and that was that.

Stealthed back in to the center, activated the cannons, went and collected some fairly nice pants.

And so we returned to Blades Edge, this time to Evergrove, to continue our march to 70.

Post edit:  Penny Arcade is brilliant today.  Hunter lewt for the mage!


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