Warhammer’s own valley.

I mentioned yesterday that I didn’t think Warhammer had that uncomfortable “Uncanny Valley” thing going on.

I’ll also have to mention that the wife’s been home playing WAR while I’m at work.  That says a little something about it reaching out and grabbing attentions.  She’s got a human bright mage and a dark elf sorceress.  I think today she plans on creating a shadow hunter to check that out.

My own shadow hunter is level 6 now.  The quests amuse.  Now I have to wonder if there will be PvE quests at all the steps of the game, running in parallel to the rvr activity.

I got in on some Public Quest activity last night.  We were beating up this big tall thing, Raven something or other, and when it died a sparkley chest spawned.  I was #12 of 12 when it came to loot rolls.  Later I joined another, an attempt this time, and when the Champions, i.e. red elites, came after me, I died pretty quickly.

I did create an Orc too.  Ugg.  SMASH!  He was suitably Orcish.  I loved the part when he launches himself to the top of the dwarven dam overlooking Lobber Hill.  Now, that might be water below you, but it’s not deep enough to let you survive a fall.  Find another way down.

Now the valley I’m referring to I found when I created a White Lion elf.  When this skinny woman’s face first popped on the screen I had to click a few times on the male symbol.  Unchanged, but not satisfied, I spun the character around looking for the tell-tale giveaways that I’d selected a female character despite all the clicking on the male icon.  No, nothing to be found.  Then I wondered if it was perhaps a sports bra and she was naturally lithe, energetic, and thin.  No.  Damn.  That’s a dude.  And made Legolas look like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in comparison.  Well, I persevered, and made my White Lion as best I could, and only wound up creating a skinny crone with a big dress and a funny looking cat.

Back to the human lands and my shadow hunter.  I ran him to the beach in the far north.  Climbing an outcropping, and looking out over the water, I was amazed at how far I could see, and how great the water looked.  I headed down to the beach to collect some weapons off the fallen and watched waves roll into the beach.  Not perfect, but not bad at all.  The best I’ve seen, actually.  Then running back to the Gray Lady Inn (hey, it’s named after my White Lion!) I passed this windmill where the fans were turning and the fire raging in the speed and velocity, and I think the fire looks really, really good in this game too.

Once I get my shadow hunter to where I want him it’ll be to make a caster type somewhere.  Perhaps in the lands of Chaos next.


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