Psst. Hey, chef.

You need to get to 300 Cooking to get that job in the Stormwind City school cafeteria?  Or cook up some tasty Ravager Dogs there in the Outlands?

And you haven’t bothered with fishing because there’s no allure to it?

Well, if you’re Alliance, get yourself up to Talonbranch Glade in Felwood.  There go find Malygen.  He’s got two recipes that use Bear Flank.  You guessed it, the bears in Felwood can drop Bear Flanks about a quarter of the time.  The recipes both require 250 cooking, and one provides +Attack Power, and the other +Spell Damage.  Which is pretty darn good.

The Horde counterpart to Malygen is Bale, and you’ll find him in Bloodvenom Post there in Felwood.

The recipes turn yellow at 275 and green at 285.  I took 40 Bear Flanks and got from 270 to 293.  Not perfect, but it beats fishing.


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One Response to Psst. Hey, chef.

  1. Elf says:

    You, sir, are a gentleman.

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