Ready or not?

Are you ready for the Wrath of the Lich King?

We’ve got our Druids on the cusp of being Northrend Ready.  The beautiful Itarilde only has 2 levels to go to reach 68, and we’ve got a lot left to do in Nagrand still, and it’s hers.  (Greenclaw needs to get to level 70 in order to put those darn epics to use he’s got banked now.  And a lucky drop in Heroic Mana Tombs (I believe) for a really nice looking Druid Staff.  (It’s got living plants blooming on it, for crying out loud!))  Greenclaw’s Herbalism and Skinning are both 375, and Itarilde is nearly 375 with her Herbalism and Alchemy.  I think they’re ready.

Arcarius is not yet ready.  He’s seriously got to work on his leatherworking, 350 or something, because I don’t want to get to Northrend and not be able to craft the new stuff straight away.  Because, if I can, I can immediately start generating some gear for the ever lovely Itarilde.  He’s not been a most played character since he’s a soloist.  The characters I can play while I play with my wife are getting good mileage on them.

Stormsoul is very ready.  Msaker and Droonda are ready.  All of them have maxed their professions.  Herbalsim, alchemy, mining, blacksmithing, skinning, and leatherworking respectively.  All of them have respectable gear.  Raids and dailies occupy their time now.

That leaves my Paladin, Honorus, and my wife’s Mage, Effilda, both mid-50’s now.  They’ll be ready for the Outlands shortly.  (Though we plan to maximize the time in the Plaguelands and check out everything to be found there before heading out.)  Eh, I’m not quite there yet with the Paladin though since his mining and blacksmithing are still rather low.  Who’d guess in Stormwind City that this champion of the Light, this member of the Paladin Order, is wearing the full Imperial armor set because of the efforts of an Orc from Orgrimmar.  (Cross faction, cross character, auction house trades ftw.)  My wife’s mage, the effervescent Effilda, has maxed her tailoring and gone well past 300 now, and her enchanting is at 290.

My Rogue, Darkhand, seemed destined to not reach the Outlands.  He was also quite the soloist.  But perhaps when Ombria returns from the dark where she got called, she was my wife’s Night Elf rogue, as one of the newly created Deathknights, he’ll have a leveling partner.  DPS in plate tanking for DPS in leather.  Works for me.  And it would be off to the Outlands soon enough for him in her company.

And then there’s my Deathknight, Solide, and my wife’s Paladin, Halcyon, both Blood Elves, who’ll also head there.

Looking at it like this, I barely have time to do raids and dailies with this much of the game left to see.  (And still no clothies past level 44.)  $14 a month for this much to do, and for so much left to do, is the steal of the century.  Zounds.

I’m ready for Northrend.  I’m ready for the Outlands.  I’m ready.


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