Sets reflect the spice.

My raiders don’t have nearly enough bag space now.  And it’s because of all the gear.

Stormsoul has a very nice +healing set of gear.  (Yes, I know +spell power is coming.)  It’s mostly Karazhan and Serpentshrine Cavern epics.  He’s got that parked in the bank.

Stormsoul has a very nice set of melee dps gear.  Vanir’s fists of brutality, both the slow versions.  (I’ve learned something.)  More SSC than Kara, big lightning bolt throwing shoulders, +attack power and +crit gear, all of it epics.  That full set is taking up bag space, since I’m Elemental spec at the moment. And the off-hand is unuseable at the moment.

And then Stormsoul has the Elementalist’s set of gear.  The 3 pieces of Tier 5 we have access to so far, the helm from Kara still, the chest from Mount Hyjal trash.  (Since Vashj and Kael still elude us.)  It’s not a bad set.  I can two-shot the Wretched of Quel’Danas so it works for me.

Stormsoul as a Shaman has 3 full, and unique, sets of gear, one per spec choice available to him.  Add to that certain trade-out pieces, more +spell crit vs. +mana regen, depending on fight), and I’m carrying around a veritable depot of gear.

As a Fury Warrior I’ve been a little better off, from bag space savings standpoint.  I’ve got the DPS set (all purples).  I’ve got the tanking set (some blues).  And if I were serious about it I should have a pvp set with more resilience.  My DPS set has 3 pvp pieces in it, and I think if I get tokens off the Prince, Grull, and Magtheridon, I’d probably get the pvp pieces, and not the tier 4 pieces, since the resilience and stamina, built for pvp, allows for better off-tanking in that gear than the tier 4 armor.  (From what I’ve read about a so-called “Ripper” off-tanking technique. Dual wield, dps gear, devastate spam, the resilience and stamina protect you.)

So much gear.  Why?

There are 9, soon 10, classes in Warcraft. 

Deathknight, Paladin, Warrior, Shaman, Hunter, Druid, Rogue, Priest, Mage, and Warlocks.

But so many more playstyles.

In viable end-game roles, let’s say Deathknights have 2 playstyles (DPS, tank), Paladins 3 (heal, ret dps, tank), Warriors 2 (dps, tank), Shamans 3 (2xdps, heal), Hunters 2 (marksmen, beast masters), Druids 3 (feral, balance, heal), Rogues 2 (combat, subtlety), Priests 2 (heal, dps), Mages 2 (fire, frost), and Warlocks 2 (dps, demons).  That’s at least 24 different approaches to the game.  At least 24 different gear sets.  Wow that’s a lot of bag space.  Haris Pilton, here we come!

Shamans can heal Heroics.  They can top dps charts in raids as melee.  Or casters.  It used to be they were just healers, and off-healers at that.  Warriors can absorb the most damage in a raid encounter and also, the other Warrior! ;),  be at the top in the damage dealt.  Did the Warriors top the damage charts in Molten Core?  No way. 

All our sets are justs a reflection on the variety of playstyle available to us to now.  The fewer sets won’t change the spiciness though.  I’ll have 1 set with +spell power, and that’ll be cool.  And that’ll be a good thing since I need the bag space.  😉  And, Hunters, come the expansion, get used to hearing “It’s got Mana (or Agility)?  It’s Shaman gear.”  🙂


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