Florida vacation pwned by Fay. Beta? Alltop.

Up my way in Georgia, it’s been kind of a dry summer.  When Fay rolled in we were thinking, “Great, the plants will be watered while we’re gone.”  Gone to visit family down in Florida.  But what’s good for our plants is not so good for us if we’re hoping for sunset walks on the beach.  No sun, no sunset, no sunset walks on the beach.  And we’re only here for a long weekend, so … glad it’s keeping our yard watered up north at least.  And family is here regardless of any bad weather.

And the wireless is pretty bad here at the hotel. Waiting out a rain shower and trying to get a little cash, I head to Quel’Danas with my hunter.  Send in my pet, run to berry to harvest, everything pauses, I wonder if a disconnect is imminent, pet dashes in, it’s at 1/3 health, mob is dead, someone else just looted my berry.  I’m like half there.

So I read a few blogs, clean up the blogroll a bit.

Folks are all talking about the beta.  I really wish I had a beta key.  But, then again, would I use it in all seriousness?  Would I spend all my time racing to the level cap?  No, probably not.  I’d try out the barbershop.  I’d go tame some fun looking pets.  I’d try crafting some gear and seeing how it compares against my current kit.  The cobalt plate armor looks cool, from what I’ve seen.  It’s just a shame it might not replace anything I’ve already got. And would it not be a crying shame if level 70 crafted gear, stuff available straight off from a trainer at the old maximum crafting level, replaces all your hard earned epics? It’d be a shame if it did, and it would be a shame if it didn’t, since it looks pretty cool.  But, anyway, time spent in the beta is time not spent in the “real” world.

And in the “real” world I’ve still got my Paladin to bring along, only 55 now.  My Druid is tantilizingly close to being Northrend-ready (level 66), with bank full of level 70 gear, 3 of which are epics. And it would really be great if folks needed my priest, level 44, as an instance healer.  I guess I should play her more in order to be available for that.  For at level 50 she could open up her tailoring and enchanting skillups again.  (Both are maxed now.)

My Horde-side raiding guild has shown itself wonderfully able, but at the point where summer slowed down progression due to attendance issues.  (Says the guy in Florida.)  This time around, though, we’ll all be together at the start of the expansion, and with the organization we’ve got, there’s going to be some great things coming out of them.  Warcrafter.net reports us, Grim Legion, as the #4 Horde guild in terms of progression.  Hard to believe, but I like the sound of it.

Oh, yeah, Matticus pointed out that my blog here is an offering over at Alltop.  Woot.  Thanks. It looks like a great concept and might just replace my own blog roll of links.

And that’s about it.  Back to weather watching.

P.S. Have I, cough, cough, already mentioned how much I’d love a Beta invite/key?


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3 Responses to Florida vacation pwned by Fay. Beta? Alltop.

  1. wowblogger says:

    Hey. Since you talk about clearing up your blogroll thought you might want to check out my blog at http://www.worldofwarcraftblogger.com. Especially of interest to you, seeing as you and your wife have a ridiculous amount of characters, may be my post of altoholics which you can find at http://www.worldofwarcraftblogger.com/archives/2008/08/altoholics/ .

    I have also added you to my blogroll and hope you will return the favour.

  2. Galoheart says:

    You mentioned the “Cobalt Plate” set for WotLK. Here is my take since I’m in the Beta and having obtained the full 8 piece set to test Protection Paladin spells when I did.

    For a Protection Paladin already at 70 with “Epics” from Kara + or Badges I would not recommend the Cobalt Plate set. However if you Protection Paladin is still leveling and has yet to be geared in and Lvl 70 gear. Then I would highly recommend getting the Cobalt Plate set immediately at 70. As it would very nice set. Slap all Lvl 70 enchants on it and your good to go.

    For what’s it worth the Cobalt Set does look really cool as well. And recommend it “Only” for and Plate class at or just getting to 70 who has yet to wear and good piece of Epic gear. It’s has Defense or DPS versions.

    Ardent Defender

  3. Kinless says:

    Thanks for the info. I can skip the pvp grind and still have fair gear to look forward to. And I love that it has two versions too.

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