All our honor are belong to us.

I hate those mothers.  They have great concern for our welfare no doubt, that’s why I refer to them as *mothers* (when those mothers may just as easily be kindly hearted brothers, sisters, dads, layabouts, rascals, and/or scoundrals), that manage to tut, sigh, and shake their finger at people they feel should not be in a Battle Ground.

“Mother points at you.”  “Mother sighs at you.”

Hey, lady, all our honor belongs to all of us.

Yes, yes, you’ve PvP’d enough to be dual wielding gladiator maces.  You’re mostly stealthed so I have no idea what your gear level is.  I don’t care to target you and examine the rest of your gear.  I’m sure it’s on par with the weapons.  (And they aren’t arena weapons.  I see that.  Mini Ragnaros hammers.  Season 1 or 2?  And you “tut” me?)

Anyway, you see me, and my gear.  That happens to be because I’m buffing everyone before the gate goes up.  Marks of the Wild for everyone.  (With the likes of you around you’ll understand why I don’t spend money on reagents to buff you ingrates by the group.)  I’ll spend the entire wait buffing as many as I can.  (I use SmartBuff so it’s just a key press.)  I think I got everyone last night since I was done before the gate went up.  Leaving me time to read raid chat.

Other than your tutting, I do read the call to battle, and knowing my group, I go where I’m expected.  A couple of times I’m expected at the Relief Hut.  Where I wind up.  I do know enough to stay below the flag and try to capture it in the confusion.  I’m pretty good at that and do it often.

Other times, more seldom, I’m in the Galv and Towers group.  I know I can apply a mangle to Galv, and apply a dot, and I do have Tranquility to heal everyone, when I’m not just dropping HOTs on them individually.  I do pick up the odd enemy passers-by, curious about what Galv is up to.  Don’t crash the party!

I do keep my radar up, and yes, as you and I defended Tower Point (imagine my surprise to see you there with me, and not back in the cave being all critical), I pinged the map for approaching enemy, and imagine again my surprise as you followed me out and headed to the ping.  And didn’t we intercept that undead mage as he moved up the tower ramp?  I pounced him and bought a few seconds, and then he frost nova’d.  I broke that and continued the chase.  We weren’t the only defenders, and it certainly looked like there were a few more of them than just the mage, but in the furball we killed them all and the Tower went up in flames.  You kind of stayed quiet the whole time.  Is armchair time the time for criticism?

I now head to Frostwolf Keep where the Alliance proceed to yet another victory.  Greenclaw’s record in AV is a 72% win rate.  Not bad.  But don’t pin that 28% loss rate on me.  The suggestion that Alliance would win 100% if folks like me didn’t show up is ludicrous.  The AV level band *is* 61-70.  Take it up with Blizzard if you don’t like it.

If it truly was concern about my welfare, I’m going to be fine.  Another night like last night I’ll have acquired enough honor to be purchasing the season 2 gladiator dragonhide gloves.  It’ll go fine with my season 1 dragonhide helm, and my season 2 dragonhide shoulders.  And maybe before I hit the magical 70, maybe I’ll pick up the season 2 chest and legs.  Happily, being honored with Honor Hold and the Cenarian Expedition provide me with blue dragonhide pieces, so I’ve 3 epic, 2 rare pieces of decent gear when I ding 70, and double +resilience set bonuses isn’t a bad thing.  However, I will probably wait till I’m least 68 or 69 before going after the necessary Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch marks.  Of course then I’ll be top of the heap in those bg’s.  Then, crossing fingers, maybe 39 more marks from Eye of the Storm and I can get me some boots too.

All that aside, remember, all our honor belongs to us.  Me and you, my concerned teammate.  Cheers, and may all your mace hits be crits and stuns.


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