What I love about the Scryers.

I’ve decided that my Night Elf Druid loves the Scryers.

Why?  Many reasons.

1) They’re elves.  I’m an elf.  They’re stealing space ships and mana whereas we Night Elves are stealing dances in the dark forests.  We could learn from them.

2) I can drop from their elevator and not die.  I don’t think it’s me being in cat form when I land, but if it is, Druids rock.  Scryers is lower than Aldor though.

3) It’s a straight shot from the Scryer elevator past Adal to the Iron Forge portal.  I am constantly confused which direction to turn when I come off Aldor’s elevator.

4) The Trade vendors are on the Scryer side.  So is the rest of Terokkar.  Aldor get Ogres flinging poo down on top of them.  Well, they would if Ogres behaved like gorillas.  (Regardless, Ogre areas tend to be littered with “land mines.”)

5) No Eastern European accents.

6) Crit gear.


About Kinless

Gamer. Engineer. Lived lots of places.
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