Getting into the Spirit.

The Tabards appear to be free for playing.  Be in a battleground to the end and they’ll reward you with a tabard.  I’m not sure a win is even required.  Get into the Spirit of things.

The Spirits of Competition are said to be randomly awarded to winners.  Greenclaw was in a few winning AV’s, and checked and found one in his mailbox.  Msaker was in a single game tonight, and a win, in Eye of the Storm.  Both had presents waiting for them in the mail from The Committee.

I love the random doodads you can pick up here and there.

And, yes, sometimes I do get confused.  Are the Taurens the one’s I’m attacking or helping???

Sad, odd, note.  Horde side guildie comments in guild chat he hadn’t gotten a medal yet.  Well I ran into him outside of Vann’s earlier.  He was in the frontline of a Horde push that came too little, too late.  The group I was in was racing for a four minute win.  Something about an achievement??  Well, we didn’t make four minutes, but we did win.  Oh, yeah, he’s a Druid, and I was on my Night Elf Druid.  Ackward conversations at the water cooler, wouldn’t you say?  🙂


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