Hair to the throne, please.

Every now and then I check blog stats.  How much traffic is this site getting.  And today it’s seen a recent, and huge, spike.

And I was thinking to myself, “Que?”  Was this another WoW Insider mention?  Nope.  Folks digging the cute cats photo?  “And I want a picture of kittens on it.”  “War Kittens ?!”  “No, regular cute kittens.  Baby cats.”  Nope.

102 views today of my post titled “WotLK Hair styles”, and 25 of my original “WotLK Hairstyles.  #1 to be the Mohawk.”  Yesterday  it was 145, and 76 of those same posts.

It is absolutely hilarious.  Check out these searches:


Search Views
wotlk hairstyles 31
wotlk hair styles 13
wotlk haircuts 9
wotlk new hairstyles 9
wotlk new hair 4
new wotlk haircuts 3
wotlk hair 3
wow wotlk haircut 3
wotlk hair cuts 3
wotlk haircut 2


Search Views
wotlk hairstyles 26
wotlk hair styles 20
wotlk haircuts 14
wotlk hair 10
wotlk new hair styles 9
wotlk new hair 6
prot warrior ui 6
new hairstyles wotlk 6
wotlk 4
wotlk hairstyle 4

All folks seem to care about is hair styles.  Too, too funny!

It seems like maybe Kinless Chronicles has become Fab Central?

Heck, in all honesty, they aren’t learning about Warrior PvP from me.  (They can use my links in the sidebar to research that though.)

Ah, I see I had six folks looking for a Prot Warrior UI post.

Somehow I’m thinking by doing another post like this I’m feeding the blog troll monster.  Kek.


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