Praise be

more cat pictures

This lolcat photo amused me.

I wish the Druids in cat form had a built-in heal.  Well there is “Improved Leader of the Pack.”

I’ve noticed Boomkins appear to be able to heal themselves, but maybe that’s just a quick application of macros?  They seem to sprout a HOT everytime they get in trouble.  I didn’t think Balance had a heal.

From the battlefront, Greenclaw has picked up 2 pieces of the arena pvp gear.  The Season 1 Stag Antler Helm, and the Season 2 Flower Garden Shoulders.  Add to that two further pieces of Dragonhide blue pvp gear from honor reputation with Honor Hold and the Cenarian Expedition, legs and chest if I remember right, I’ll have a half decent set of gear without ever setting another foot in an instance, unless I wanted to.  And, as a bonus, it’s been a real blast bg’ing with a druid.  I prefer the Army Ranger approach to ground combat more than General Issue Warrior stuff.  And my two interrupts make up slightly for the lack of levels.  And soon I’ll be “right leveled” anyway.  I might make a complete set before I even hit 70.  It’s something to work on.  Ding 70 and don complete Arenas PvP set.*  Praise be!

Anyway, our Druids are slowly approaching flight form.  Yay.

*And it ain’t “welfare” epics if you spend more hours in a BG getting the stuff than having 24 other folks run you through an instance for loot drops.  It is a substantial investment in a character’s time accumulating this gear.  And it’ll be Lol time all over again when these get replaced with level 72 green quest rewards.  😉  But, then again, this is much a “mark of accomplishment” as anything else, like that title over your head, being able to wear something available for only a certain amount of time.  Like the reputation mounts.  Get them before the WotLK makes them all go away.


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One Response to Praise be

  1. Ric says:

    Yeah, “substantial investment in a character’s time” is for real. Discounting a break of about a week to grind dailies for gold for enchantments mats, I spent almost every available hour in getting the complete set for my Rogue — a little over 179K honor plus the required marks for everything, including one PvP gem to socket into the bracers. Upgrading the trinkets and a couple more PvP gems will take somewhere around another 80K+, but will require only running the AV honor mill over and over again since the only marks needed — depending on which trinkets I go for — are AV and I have a plethora of them on hand already.

    Given that my usual group runs instances with my Paladin as their tank, my Rogue was left to PUG instances and I don’t really enjoy PUGs. Granted, running BGs is a PUG situation, but it’s often my preference over PUGging an instance, so it’s worth it overall.

    “Welfare epics?” Yeah, if that’s how others may want to view them, I guess. I like AV — my Rogue was once in a guild whose main thing was to run AV, under the old honor system, back before TBC when an AV could last hours and hours, if not days. I like PvP, even though I’m not very skilled. The rewards are worth everything that comes with it and the rewards are guaranteed, not boiling down to the luck of the drop, being allowed to roll on an item in the first place, and actually winning the rolls, etc.

    I never AFKed; I was in the thick of things whenever I could be: capping, defending, fighting, killing, dying, and just generally making a huge nuisance of myself for the Alliance. I participated. I contributed something to the overall effort. I earned my rewards.

    So what? I’m just another scrub Rogue with purples. I’m fine with that. Given that four pieces of HWL gear served me fairly well passing through the Dark Portal into Outlands, I believe this gear will serve me well in WotLK as I switch back to Combat Swords to level and start to pick up new gear that may well obsolete much of what I’ve earned this past few weeks.

    Of course, if WotLK doesn’t go live before another one or two Arena seasons pass better gear down to the Honor vendors, this gear will make the next upgrades a little easier to get than this recent effort was with mostly quest blues, rep vendor blues, and a green.

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