WotLK Hair styles.

Sorry, I’m cheating.  But that title is going to generate so much traffic I should be trying to sell *something* around here.

So, right off, nothing new about hairstyles from me.  You can visit the WoW Insider post from a couple days ago.  They’ll send you to another couple sites that have some hairstyles highlighted for men and women.

To me, however, those hairstyles don’t look like the whole deal we’ll be getting.  It seems, from the pictures, that each race simply gets another race’s hair styles.  Undead get Gnome hairdos, Trolls get Draenei, and stuff like that.  Kind of primitivly handled.  (Though, the Forsaken lady with the pink pony tails looks like the stuff nightmares are made of.)

Tauren, naturally, get different horns.  “Hey, Mac, your horn’s busted.”  “Yeah, just left the barbers.  Like it?  Gives me that ‘Don’t mess with the bull!’ edgy look.  Like I’m half horned, and half insane.  I’m a wiiiiiild and craaaazy …”  “Aren’t you worried you’ll only skewer half the gnomes now?”  “Good point.  I’ll have to visit the barber tomorrow and get it back.”

o–o  (<– me unimpressed)

The Night Elf “Mohawk” I saw looked like a blue feather boa dropped on the head, which otherwise has the rest of the hair anyway.  I was thinking it would make a good toilet brush. 

Dear Blizzard,

Give us a proper Mr. T mohawk, foo!

But what gets me about this, what makes it fascinating, is to see the huge amount of interest in something as simple and non-pwnage related as the hairstyles coming up in the Wrath of the Lich King.  Particularly so if they aren’t offering any new ones, just putting one race’s haircuts on top another race’s heads.

They’ll debate endlessly about the value of “Hit” rating for Fury Warriors (“Nuh uh.”  “Oh yeah?  Uh huh.”  “Noob.”  “Nuh uh.”  “400 days played in level 19 twink bg makes me the expert.”  “Makes you something.” “Nuh uh.”)  And it seems they’re also endlessly fascinated about their hairstyles.  Go figure.

For example, today there’s been 17 searches for “wotlk hairstyles”.  (Not counting anything this post might generate which hasn’t even been posted.)  5 searches for “wotlk new hairstyles”.  2 for “wow wotlk hairstyle”.  And it’s not even lunchtime yet.

Yesterday there were 14 searches for “wotlk hairstyles”.  4 for “wotlk haircuts”.  4 more for “wotlk hairstyle”.  2 for “new wotlk hairstyle”.  And 2 more for “wotlk new hairstyles”.  That’s a Sunday’s worth of searches.  And this has been going on like this for days now.

I suppose to balance that out, I did get 2 searches yesterday for “wet cat”.  And 2 for “epithet the paladin”.  (Hey, Epithet, be wary.  They’re starting to poke around my place looking for you.  You hid the loot, right?  You’re keeping it secret?  Keeping it safe?)

Anyway, back to the hairstyles post.  All you searchers.  Hey guys, cut it out.

Ah, ha ha.  Get it?  Cut it out?  “Cut”.  Like hair cut?  ?  Ah, nevermind.  😉

28 views today of my post WotLK Hairstyles. #1 to be the Mohawk.  33 yesterday. 

Hey folks, sorry, I wish I did, but I have no info for you.

And it looks like maybe I wasn’t wrong about the Mohawk.  Son of a gun, if there ain’t one coming in the expansion.


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