What’s up with Horde dominance in Arathi Basin?

From what I can tell:

Horde die less.  Do a sort on deaths in the score card after a Horde victory (99% chance) and you’ll notice Horde die less than Alliance do.

Horde kill more.  The corollary is that Horde get more killing blows than Alliance do.

Over and over.  Horde players appear to be better and more skilled than Alliance.  Maybe two years of raiding E-Z mode with Paladins has made them complacent.

I don’t know why.

Perhaps it’s the Alliance complainers seeking fast wins calling for “Let them just 5-cap so we can get fast badges.”  Except, dude, that makes it just as fast for the Horde, and they get triple the badges.  Which amounts to gear that bit more faster.

And don’t get me started on the Horde’s new AV habit of “back capping” towers nearly captured by the alliance and recoiling all the way back, through Frostwolf Graveyard, into Frostwolf Hold, harrassing the Alliance trying to kill Drek with all the Tower Masters up, all the while the Horde quietly kill Vann.  It’s happening more and more.

It’s not a good season to be Alliance it seems.


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8 Responses to What’s up with Horde dominance in Arathi Basin?

  1. Pike says:

    I suppose I’m a lucky Alliance on my battlegroup, Bloodlust– I’ve heard a so many other bloggers lately talking about the Horde dominance in AB but in Bloodlust, Alliance wins AB probably 60-70% of the time or so and that’s one of the reasons why AB is one of my favorites! AV we still get completely demolished in. =P

  2. Lactic Acid says:

    hmmm I be horde: IMPO – the best alliance win strategy in my battlegroup at the moment seems to be a zerg through LM to take farm before horde get their first spawn point under them 🙂

    The Farm-BS-LM is a kinda magical triangle so long as the horde playing don’t mill on roads and know well enough when to cap other points due to alliance zerging – there is a real advantage in terrain for reinforcements and view etc there.

    An option if you find you’re losing a lot is to check what its like at different times of the day (I find horde groups win more at certain hrs)

  3. Lactic Acid says:

    oohh actually I think back capping was something we learnt from Alliance in AV on my battle group ^_^

    – they kept sending small hardcore teams (I swear they were arena groups, hard to kill druid + warrior combos and the like) and retaking Stone Hearth Bunker. Half the games I have played in the last month Horde has had to rumble with Van with that bunker still standing … then I noticed the just other week that horde was habitually doing the same to tower point and the like. It’s like some kinda osmoses battle strategy because no one ever really talks about it BG chat.

    PVP creates borgs 🙂 … I should really go write a blog post eh instead of filling up your comments …

  4. Elvenmoon says:

    I guess I am a lucky Alliance because we totally dominate AB and EOTS. I run lots of EOTS because we win so quickly. AB takes a while no matter what. I have to laugh at the myth of horde somehow being better players. But that myth is usually propagated by horde players.

  5. Yeshua, Smolderthorn US says:

    Let me give you the view from the other side of the fence:

    Horde AB will go one of two ways, 1) our team actually coordinates and plays defense, responding to Ally zergs and capping behind them or 2) nobody calls out anything, people get ornery, start calling each other n00bs, and we lose.

    As far as the AV goes…well…it’s a popular premade strategy to counter the all-to-common alliance zerg for FW RH. You can have our GY but we got your towers! 🙂

  6. sid67 says:


    Actually — my theory is that the AV imbalance prior to 2.3 that favored Alliance forced the better Horde players into the other battlegrounds once they had got done “grinding” AV for marks. Since the other BGs require more communication, Horde got better at calling out incs and so forth. I’ve played both sides and the only noticeable difference is that Horde communicate more often. Not real often, mind you, just more often.

    If you want to win AB, here is my simple advice. Tell your team at the start that you need to ignore Lumber Mill at the start. I would type something like this…

    Ignore Lumber Mill to start. Just need 3 to Win. Take Blacksmith and Mine.

  7. Yeshua, Smolderthorn US says:

    True story. If you let us have Farm, LM, and BS out of the gate and we’re playing defense it’s GG. We can see everything from LM and since the three nodes are so close together our defense can ride in to the rescue at a moment’s notice.

    BS is the boardwalk and parkplace of Arathi Basin–you better control it!

  8. Kinless says:

    Hey, thanks for all the comments everyone! Very interesting stuff.

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