Last Orc.

Last Orc, that is, to get a Netherwing Dragon Mount.  Onyxien of course.

It was a nice feeling to finally get the mount everyone else has.

And it was good money at the time, those Netherwing dailies.  But, oh, how unfriendly the quest chain was for soloists.  And the quest chain for Ogri’la’s dailies was unfriendly as well.  Quel’Danas has the easiest dailies for earning money.  (Pretty much at some point I expect Blizzard will simply be putting 250g in cash in your mailbox everyday.)


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7 Responses to Last Orc.

  1. Loronar says:

    I still don’t have that. 😛

  2. Gratz on the mount. With my rampant altitis the odds of me ever flying one of those is slim at best… unless blizzard decided to just mail me 250g every day. In which case I’d probably still spend it on something else hehe.

    I am still musing on what character should get my epic flyer if it ever comes to that. I am thinking the best choice would be a paladin with 2 gathering professions for maximum speed. Thoughts?

  3. Ric says:

    Well, I still don’t have one either. My daughter does, and her boyfriend is working on his, too. Not sure about my son. A couple of friends are working on it, last I heard anyway.

    Altitis is partly my excuse, too. My paladin was poised to begin the Netherwing dailies, but I got sidetracked into leveling the hunter before I decided to further sidetrack the paladin by diving into the honor grind for gear with my rogue. That effort is nearing the end (arguably temporarily, given gear inflation every season), so popping back onto the hunter to hit 70 and running all three 70s through SSO dailies and maybe starting them all on Netherwing dailies could be in the cards.

    Unless… well, altitis being what it is and all…

  4. Kinless says:

    Crusader aura is undoubtedly pretty cool. I’ve ridden with one in the group and we flew. Probably work real well for gathering.

    As for my altitis I’m not sure how long it’ll be for my Alliance to get an epic flying mount. Epic riding and basic flying are a lot easier to get nowadays.

    All your family in the game? Nice.

  5. Faeldray says:

    How on earth did you do it?! I want one sooo badly for my main but I solo a lot. I did try them out but was disheartened by how hard they are and gave up. Please tell me your secret!

  6. Kinless says:

    Not sure what you’re wondering Faeldray. Without a guild I might not have gotten through the quests to gain access to the Netherwing quests. The final quest in the chain, Zuluhead the Whacked, or something like that, is pretty difficult to get help with. Once you’ve done it the Orcs turn freindly to you. A little harder to help someone else if half their enemies in the encounter are your friends. With Quel’Danas open now, plentiful dailies are available to everyone. Just no dragon mounts. (Now if they offered up their flying mounts to exalted folks, that would be an easily accessible mount.)

  7. Faeldray says:

    Ah see, there’s my problem. My guild right now has a whole 8 people, with only me and the GM being level 70 and everyone else not even above level 30. I like it when my guilds are nice and small but it makes getting help a real pain. When I say that I solo a lot, I mean I generally do group quests by myself when I’m 5 levels higher than the quest.

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