DK Wow.

The other night, late, I was on WoW Insider where I saw some links to some Death Knight videos.  Those videos got pulled and the mention to those videos was deleted.  They were deleted on the sponsoring site as well.

But what I saw:  Wow.  The Death Knight gameplay video featured a Blood Elf female tearing through Andorhol, pulling with these strikes of brilliant fire, making sweeping sword strikes, and just going to town on the place.  I want one.

I also want the Death Knights to get facial tattoos just like the students in Scholomance, and Whitemane, and that.  I want them to look … touched.  I understand the lore is taking them into conflict with the Lich King now, but let’s not forget their roots.  Put a Death Knight into Imperial Plate and they’re going to look the same as any Average Joe?  I hope not!

The last expansion brought us 2 new races, and 2 new starting areas.  That was pretty good.  And the fact that the Alliance got Shamans, and the Horde Paladins, that was pretty good too.  (Well, it made the factions identical and was that truly, 100%, something “good?”)  But most of the luster wore off about level 25 and things got right back to being the same.  New clothes, but the same old ball.

This next expansion, it’ll be 1 new class, which, frankly, might be better for the game than 2 new races.  It’ll feature a new starting area as well.  And, the over the top part, these new Death Knights look like they’ll reach the “end game” more quickly.  Going from level 20 to 70 for someone with a few 60’s isn’t as good as 55-80 for someone with a few 70’s.

I am really looking forward to the Expansion.

Sad news, Hammer of Grammer looks like it’s gone.  Either completely or for an extended haitus.  I understand there was some personal stuff going on and I wish them well and will miss their most excellent humor and artwork.

Bad news, WoWAce got too big, will be going the way of the Dodo, and Curse is going to be getting involved.  I don’t know about you but if I don’t get a WoWAceUpdate every day I’m missing something.


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2 Responses to DK Wow.

  1. Ess says:

    I have been using WowMatrix instead of WowAceUpdater for the past several months, and it’s worked great. It updates everything, not just the Ace mods — pretty handy! I think most of my addons are from Ace, but it’s nice to not have to do separate downloads for Auctioneer, for example.

  2. Kinless says:

    I haven’t heard of that one. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

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