Waiting, or not. The Race.

So there I am.  Reflecting the sorry state of my Warrior’s gearing.  He’s not my raider any more, the guild’s full of DPS warriors, and he can’t tank where they’re at now.  He get’s by on his own, and his past, for the most part.  He’s an Axesmith, since he’s an Orc, and has carried that Planar Edge for the longest time now.  Time to upgrade.  8 Primal Nethers.  A month or so ago a Primal Nether sold for 20g each.  Now they’re 120g each.  Easy enough to get one if you’re running Kara or Heroics.  But he’s not.  Now my Shaman is.  And that Shaman is sitting on 100 Badges of Justice.  That’s 10 Primal Nethers.  That’s enough to upgrade the Primal Edge to the Black Primal Edge.  Add some Nether Vortexes, 5, and he’ll get to upgrade to Wicked Edge of the Planes.  He’s got 8 badges himself, so a few dailies might score him the missing 2 that’ll get him a Primal Nether.  Then 70 badges for 7 Primal Nether’s from Stormsoul, leaving Stormsoul with 30 and that’ll get 2 Nether Vortexes.  3 more vortexes, or 45 badges, and I can craft a really nice one-hander.  Rinse and repeat for a second (blowing significant quanities of gold if I went that route).  But I then read the off-hand for warriors is only important for the stats, not the dps.  The Fool’s Bane will remain a good off-hand for a bit.

OR do I just pass on that though and wait for the expansion and go Titan’s Grip and dual-wield two-handers?  I’ve already got Gorehowl.  Maybe I should spend all those nether’s on a crafting the axesmith’s epic two hander.  Decisions decisions.  🙂

Speaking of waiting, Greenclaw returned to Alterac Valley.  On the prowl for earning the honor to get those shoulders with plants growing out of them.  Standing there at the gate I’m surrounded by folks wearing the Season 2 Arena gear.  A lot of it.  All of a sudden.  I guess they waited too.

Yeah, yeah, Greenclaw’s only level 63.  Last match of the night I see in bg chat “Level 63 Druid?”  I reply in bg chat “Yep, and in the win.”  Hey, hey, turned out I was the Battleground Leader.  😉  It’s the match we win too.  Nice.

And it seems the AV Race is back on.  You know the one.  Race to the other team’s general, cap the two towers on the way, kill the Captain, win the match.  It feels guilty to win, or lose, and get 350+ honor in 20 or so minutes regardless.

The lovely Droonda is enjoying her life in Middle Earth, when she’s not playing an Orc in Azeroth.  The graphics are stunning, to say the least.  If I were looking for an MMORPG, I’d certainly give that a try.


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2 Responses to Waiting, or not. The Race.

  1. sid67 says:

    Just an observation, but you would be better off turning those badges into Nether Vortexes or Epic Gems to sell on the Auction House and then buying the Primal Nethers. A lot of people on my server spam trade and just say: WTS any non-cut Epic Gem XX gold

    Rule of thumb is to turn the badges into the most gold you can, then buy what you need when prices are low.

  2. Kinless says:

    Makes sense. Will have to check out Nether Vortex prices and game it a bit.

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