Random thoughts.

Just a few things that I’m thinking about.

Arcarius, my Night Elf Hunter, farmed up a copy of the Crusader Enchant for the lovely Effilda in the Western Plaguelands.  It took him two sessions, probably clearing the tower and the little encampment of Spellbinders 6 or 8 times each session, before the enchant dropped.

Msaker, my Orc Warrior, farmed up a copy of the Crusader Enchant for the grim Zauber in the Western Plaguelands.  It took him two Spellbinders before the enchant dropped.

Random drops are that.  Random.  Greenclaw took it upon himself, to accompany the shoes, shoulders, chest, and crown, of the Summer Fires festival, and the brazier of dancing flames, a firefly from Zangarmarsh.  Sixty Bogflare Needlers later, by the count of bug parts in my bags, a new pet joined the family.  Next patch, I’m told, the firefly will actually fly again.

Stormsoul’s back at Lady Vashj.  He spent a month with the first guild before they downed her.  Last night was the new (but old) guild’s first attempt.  Deja vu.  🙂

Msaker’s back in Protection mode.  But this time he’s got this 5/15/41 “Ripper” build.  Supposedly decent DPS with solid off-tank capability.  I do think the Protection experience, and looking for gear to better it, will serve me well come the day we each can have access to two talent builds at once.  (An idea supposedly being bandied about up at Blizzard and/or the rumor boards.)  No Warrior will not choose Protection as anything less than a secondary spec.  (Well, I suppose the PvP Legends would be Arms for Arenas and Fury for farming.)  Doing a few dailies on the Isle of Quel’Danas showed this Ripper build wasn’t bad.  A little slow.  Doing a spell reflect on a Summoner was very amusing.

“Hey, there.  Glad to meet you.”  I think it’s great when folks who read my blog here bump into me on Kirin Tor.  Last night in Zangarmarsh the wife and I met a Paladin who’s visited here before.  And I’ve got one or two other readers who occasionally walk the same paths as me and the wife.  Makes this blog a little more than just a “links to resources” collection for me.  I’m glad to make your acquaintenances.

Till later.


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