Win, or live. Or both?

Results of the poll, albeit limited to WoW Insider readers who bother to answer poll questions, would seem to suggest a lot of people take the “Win” approach.  You “win” when you get to Level 70.  If “winning” comes easy, you’ll have multiple 70’s.

But how many “hardcore” win so fast and furious that they then drop-out?  Quite a few in my experience.  And more than a few of those come back again.  The fast and furious lifestyle and habits of a “winner” becomes it’s own addiction.

But not everyone is dead set on the end-goal of “Winning”.  Some are here to “live” in this virtual world.  Content to play an Orc, hunting prey on the grassy plains of The Barrens.  For me it’s as much fun playing, granted it’s leveling up, low level characters as it is getting into instances and collecting tabards and stealing flames from the enemy’s cities.

The beauty of this game is that there is a breadth here.  “70” beckons at the end of a long and adventure filled life.  There are still quests I’ve never done.  The Scarlet Crusade storyline in the Eastern Plaguelands.  I completely skipped over that in my first push to instance running.  And my second push to instance running.  I didn’t need to do them to reach 60 and advance into a better geared 60.  Hopefully, this fifth time around for me we’ll linger just a little longer in our 50’s and into our 60’s in the Plaguelands.  And see what’s up in Tyr’s Hand and Hearth Glen.

I’ll reach 70, and I’ll live.

P.S. I almost forgot why I was posting this.  Mounts at 30?  To speed things up for folks so they can get to 70 faster?  Why is that necessary?  How about ponies at 20, mounts at 40, epic mounts at 60, flight at 70, and epic flight at 80?  Or, if reaching the end fast were really that important, how about selling XP for gold at the vendors?  It’ll be nice, this mount at 30.  (My first two legged mount coming up shortly.)  But I didn’t have to have this.  Give me more quests, more places to explore, not a mount 10 levels earlier.


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One Response to Win, or live. Or both?

  1. julsenor says:

    Hey! Excellent post. I’ve really been thinking a lot about this as I continue playing my only level 70 character, yet continue to quest and level with several others. The game is fun to play, and there is no “win.” I personally don’t like the “faster and faster” mentality. I would rather level a character slowly and do quests and visit areas that are completely new to me than to just “get it over with.” Thanks for a good post…

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