Self writing posts… aka Search Terms

Here’s the latest Search Engine Terms folks used to find my page here:

“wow lockpick quest”

Guilty.  I did that little write-up about Horde leveling up lock picking in Redridge.  Comments included Alliance who used boat off Ratchet.

“wotlk hairstyles”

Wow, that’s an old one.  I think I talked about the Mohawk once.  Mr. T.

“alliance battlegroup always win”

Seems that way sometimes.

“horde winning battlegroup”

I’d love to know.

“alliance wow night elf rogue lockpicking”

Once upon a time “alliance” “wow” “night elf” and “rogue” added up to a whole lot of redundancy.

“world of warcraft private server paladin”

Hey, hey.  We’ll have none of that around here.  This is a clean living family page.  What you do with your Belf on your own private server, should stay there.  And You Tube.  (And remember, rear view mirrors on your monitor are your friends. (I’ll have to find that link for that you tube video of a friend catching a dude dancing his night elf for his, (cough) personal pleasure.))

“corrupted blood disease virus that wreak”

My Warlock is only level 16.  But those search terms have “Warlock” written all over.

“do not look into laser beam with remaini”

This term was incomplete.  I think it ends “with remaining life.”  Obviously looking for confirmation of Balance Druids in PvP.

“gnome warrior”

Someone’s been drinking in the morning again.

“qq more you loot whore”

Oh, I’m not qq’ing.


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2 Responses to Self writing posts… aka Search Terms

  1. Bobo & SgtPork says:

    “Do Not Stare into Laser with Remaining Eye.” Assumes you lost the first by not reading the sign 😉

  2. Kinless says:

    That’s given me my first chuckle of the day. Thanks. 🙂

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