Druids in Zangarmarsh

So we’re Level 61 and we wander into Zangarmarsh to start the quests for the Cenarian group.

ZOMG.  Did Zangarmarsh get hit with the nerf stick?  When I got there with my first characters, Warrior and Shaman, and Hunter, it didn’t seem as easy as last night, the two of us, Bear and Cat, ripped the place a new drain.

Is it normal for a 61 Druid to get 2000+ crits?  And I’ve got 25% or so crit chance.  And with Omen of Clarity bring up clearcasting left and right, it’s like I switched on a hack or something. 

And, good news, the world is a safer place, for a small while, for the mushroom Sporelok people.  (But until Blizzard turns off the “Bad Guy Cloning Machine” all blame goes to them for innocent deaths.  We did what we could.)

And after dinging 62 I’m reminded that 6 more levels and I’ve got flight form.  (It was nice running that little Stormcrow quest for the lady at the inn to get a taste of what it’ll be like.)

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


1) OK now sum durid is cat

2) Cat durid, tehm dosent heel.

3) Cat uis for fite

4) Cat durid dosent talk about fite


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One Response to Druids in Zangarmarsh

  1. Faeldray says:

    I like LOLcats as much as the next guy but Alamo just made my brain hurt :P

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