Too easy?

My first epic.  And 3 pieces of the “faction pvp” gear.

Oh, I’m getting ahead of myself here.  I’m only level 61.  That’s just me messing around with some items I’ve put into the bank waiting for me to turn level 70.

That’s right.  That’s the Season 1 Arena armor helm.  I soooo wanted those antlers.  There’s that whole Druid/Cenarian thing, my Shan’do’s got them for crying out loud.  And the Season 2 helm looks weak.  Itarilde will be getting the Season 2 moon helm.  It looks great on her.  (Everything does.)  Me?  I wanted those deer antlers from Season 1.  And I pvp’d up the 14500 honor points and got them.

The last stretch of honor earning I was back in Alterac Valley.  Now the lowest of the low and not at the top of the game like the previous pvp sessions.  There are two to four level 51-60 AV matches on my server, and twenty to thirty 61-70 matches.  Obviously I’ll never be wanting for a match.  And my win-loss record there is 19-2.  That’s a lot pre-61 in that score, but the last 4 out of 5 AV matches we won too.

Now what does a level 61 Druid contribute to an AV?  Screenshots or it didn’t happen, you say?

I was 7th in Killing blows.

As a level 61 Druid my job was to stay out of sight, and pounce on the weak, the running, the clothies.  Preferably interrupting a spell they were casting.  I do die.  Very easily.  Some ‘Lock cast some corruption on me, and I was taking 360 damage a tick.  I have 3600 health.  I’m dead quicker than I can do the math.  Tracking people is also good.

I know Alterac Valley, I know the goals, I can contribute.  (Even if it’s just extra healing on the Drek fight, or removing a curse or poison from a teammate.)

Next honor purchase will be the Season 2 arena shoulders.  The ones with the flowers growing on them.  It’s a Druid thing.

And the new Rogue, Sunstriker, is coming along.  Level 22 and geared.  Well, in true Belf form, I’ve got to say he looks good in the Defias stuff.

And Droonda and Msaker are Exalted with the Shattered Sun Offensive.  And Stormsoul will be in the next week or so.  Then Arcarius.

Even if it’s easy, it’s still fun.


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