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The taming of the Druid.

New pet to tame with today’s patch. The Dire Ravens up in Blade’s Edge Mountains. It looks just like a Night Elf Druid in flight form. I was tempted to name him Captive, or Nomanatoshift, but went with Xaxas instead. … Continue reading

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Skulls. Lots of them.

I’m imagining the apocalypse here, now. Armor, dripping green fire, not with demonic energies, but with the forces of death and decay. You’ll raise the dead to fight by your side. “Arise my Champions!” Shadow will be your light. Death … Continue reading

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Where I’ll be start of next expansion.

That’s a loaded comment, since I’ve /gquit my raiding guild. I couldn’t raid.  Work was requiring me to stay late more often than not.  Meaning I was neglecting exercise and my regular chores around the house to get online in … Continue reading

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Wax on. Wax off.

WoW Insider posted two great little macros for turning your graphics up, and I mean way up, and down, and I mean way down. Sometimes you want to see the forest and the trees, sometimes you want to see the … Continue reading

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Ah, summer!

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It’s time to take the kids out.

Here’s the link to an excellent guide to this weeks in-game activity, Children’s Week. I’ve picked up Whiskers the Rat on Mourneblade, and Peanut on Stormsoul. I need more pets. (And it’s 1600 Lower City Rep for those interested in … Continue reading

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