Trading squishy for less so, and consolidation.

Did you ever level up an alt, and then go create another alt on some other server, and level them up some, and then wind up on a third server and level up some new alts some more?

I guess you’d do that until you started dropping gold for private guild bank tabs.  Then you’re wondering why the heck you’re spread out over too many servers, and you have quite a collection of advanced characters, to a casual degree, that would benefit if they were actually neighbors.

So, the Delete Axe came out and with two fel sweeps my two mid-30’s Blood Elf Mages got axed and a Blood Elf Rogue was created to have a lock picker on the Horde side.  All the rest of the gang, so recently created on Earthen Ring, was 86’d as well.  We decided it’d behoove us to spend time with our Mains and Primes on one server. 

So all the toons you see to the left here are those on Kirin Tor.  Five Horde, Five Alliance.

I had one space spare, so my fifth Horde will be a Blood Elf Death Knight.  By the time he is created I’m hoping the wife’s Blood Elf Paladin, level 37 now, will be in her 50’s.

And she’s got an Alliance Rogue, but with Darkhand I’ve already got the boxes picked, so she can retire her Rogue and when the DK’s come out recreate Ombria as a Death Knight.  By then my own Paladin, Honorus, should be in his 50’s too.  That should be fun.  Each of us playing a Paladin alongside a Death Knight, and being both Alliance and Horde doing it.

And leveling up my Rogue has been fun.  And now that quests reward XP better than grinding, the easier it is to accomplish quests (stealth and sap) the easier it is to level up my lockpicking.  And my 19 Rogue solo’d that 21 Elite Troll and got his head, so that was fun.  (Kick’s and Arcane Torrent for the win. 🙂 )


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