The four hour difference.

Absolutely an amazing change.

The previous 24 clock meant my transmutes got done later and later every single day.

I’m currently working on making a mess of primal mights. And I got the primal air, the last primal I needed, after the wife had gone to sleep and I’d finished up with my dailies.

Next day I got the primals I needed, and had to wait till later still for the cool down to be up.

And the day after even later still. And later and later.

Oh, I could skip a day but then I’d have to start the clock as early as I could, and accept that I’d either lose an entire day, or slowly, inevitably, my transmute time would be getting later and later.

It’s not like I’d drop everything when the transmute was up, race to the mailbox to collect all the materials, and transmute the primal. I’d get to it when I could, and that really made it later and later.

This 20 hours transmute cool down. Miraculously, my transmute time is earlier and earlier, not later and later. I’ll never miss one. If I have the mats, every day, when I want, within reasonable expectation, I can do my transmute.

That four hour difference has really made a tremendous change to my transmuting life.

It’s funny how such a small thing, and otherwise really rather inconsequential, can have such an effect, make such a difference.


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1 Response to The four hour difference.

  1. Bobo & SgtPork says:

    It’s great, isn’t it? When I saw that in patchnotes, I went “Woohoo!” One of the best changes Blizzard ever made! Too bad about Sarge, tho šŸ˜›

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