It’s time to take the kids out.

Here’s the link to an excellent guide to this weeks in-game activity, Children’s Week.

I’ve picked up Whiskers the Rat on Mourneblade, and Peanut on Stormsoul. I need more pets.

(And it’s 1600 Lower City Rep for those interested in such things.)

Maybe it’ll be a one-eyed Willy this year. Hmm.

Edit:  Turns out the wife, Itarilde, wanted Willy.  Go figure.  So I, Greenclaw, was going to get Eggbert.  And clicked on Peanut instead.  Argh.  So Arcarius came and got Eggbert for himself.  I think it’ll be amusing to guard a resource in a BG, stealthed, cat in Prowl mode, with Eggbert running all over.  Solo attackers won’t know what to expect.  Maybe Greenclaw will get Whiskers as well.  (Black cat and white rat, surely a good match.)  Leaving Msaker to go collect Willy tomorrow.  And those Orphans behave like they’re blind most of the time.  Standing up there on the stairs at the Dark Portal.  For the second time.  Waiting, waiting.  I quip: “Maybe the parents were the lucky ones.”  Not nice, I know.  But could the kids be a little more attentive??


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4 Responses to It’s time to take the kids out.

  1. Ric says:

    Maybe you accidentally picked the wrong pet because you were confused by the Blood Elf Paladin who seemed to have no real reason to have saluted you and Itarilde while you were talking to Matron Mercy? 🙂

  2. Kinless says:

    Could be. 🙂

    Did I miss seeing Sunshatter?? Being on three servers now I don’t know who I know anymore. /salute back my friend.

    We *are* Scryer by the way. 😉 Elves ftw.

  3. Ric says:

    Yep, it was Sunshatter. I saw Itarilde first, and then Greenclaw rode up which was when both names clicked and he threw you both a salute.

    Yeah, went with Scryers with Sunshatter, too. Almost regret it with the differences in the procs on the SSO neck items between Aldor and Scryer , but at least they didn’t evict him from their rise the first time he showed up in Shattrath City. (Damned rude space goats!)

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