A Druid in Alterac Valley

I’ve long complained about Alliance performance in Alterac Valley in the Rampage Battlegroup.  Arcarius, in the 61-70 bracket there, can’t catch a break.  Horde are just too good.  Alliance loses over and over and over.

But then what explains the next lower brackets success?  Greenclaw is in the 51-60 bracket, in fact he’s 60 now and loving being at the peak.  And he hasn’t lost an AV yet.  6 wins, no losses.  There was one match, Alliance were struggling at Galv, and yet they won anyway.

See, typically they ignore Galv.  Take the Ice Blood Graveyard.  Take the Ice Blood Tower and Tower Point.  Move on Frostwolf Graveyard.  There’s a LOT of fighting done at Frostwolf Graveyard.

See if you take Frostwolf Graveyard all the defenders spawn at the Frostwolf Relief Hut.  What you don’t want.   Take the Hut first.

But they do it anyway.  We crush the horde at FWGY and move into the keep.  And it’s a punch out, knock down, fight all the way to the Relief Hut.  And we take that.  We wait for the Towers to cap.  Half the time we win through reinforcements, the other half we actually kill Drek.

In none of these matches was Stormpike ever threatened.  Oh, a renegade will take Snowfall, and they’ll take a bunker here and there.  The match I played last night was a complete shut-out.  Alliance beat Horde 470 honor to none.  Greenclaw was not in the top 10 damage, he was in the top 10 for kills, and he was #2 for HK’s (105 versus #1’s 106).  (Sweet, sweet stealth offense.)

I’m not in a rush to ding 61 if the 61-70 record for Alliance is still 95% losses.  (Maybe they’ve learned.)   Which reminds me:  60 means I can only do AV now.  Joining any other battleground at 60 means I’m in on the ground floor.  I’m the caddy boy to the golfers.  I’m the bear rug others steamroll over.  The situation is bearly tolerable.

Lots of fun.  Work is keeping me way busier than I like and I can’t commit to raiding.  (Last night they downed Teron Gorefiend too!)  But the PvP keeps me busy and there are rewards for it at the end.  (I’d love to get the Season 1 antlers but I’m afraid they might not sell it to a level 60 character with the right amount of honor.  Maybe my PvPing is capped at 75k honor till I’m 70.)

And Itarilde and I are both freaking 60 now!  That’s great too.

Which reminds me: here’s a Druid guide you might find useful.  (The rest of it perhaps moreso.  😉 )


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One Response to A Druid in Alterac Valley

  1. Matticus says:

    Typically, I get my guys to go right for Galv first then I let the offensive momentum carry over. My group of 5 fall back and play defense for the rest of the game capping back bunkers, disrupting their hits on Belinda, all that good stuff.

    The problem with Alliance AV players is that they believe they have to rush in order to win. There’s this mentality that they have to do it fast, fast, fast. But you don’t. My guys go in and strike Galv to score 100 points. Assuming the Alliance don’t suck and don’t give up a 100 point deficit, Alliance should in theory win despite the fact that it takes 20 minutes.

    If you have several friends online, I’d suggest trying it. Take out Galv, then play defense and take Stonehearth Bunker back and messing with them a little bit.

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