Morons. But maybe I’m harsh.

So Arcarius ventures back into Alterac Valley.

He won the last two matches he played there last night.  Would tonight continue the successes?

Alliance takes the first graveyard.  That’d be me capping Snowfall.

Alliance kill Galv before Horde kill Balinda.

The towers are taken.

We take Frostwolf before they take Stormpike.

We take the Relief Hut before they take the Aid Station.

Yet, we lose.


The team at Drek is comprised of Mages, Boomkin, Hunters, and Rogues.  No Warriors, no Feral Druids.  No Paladins.

“HEALS ON ME” I see.  Ah, we’ve got a tank.

No.  A Rogue.

Next “HEALZ”.  Tank?

No.  A Hunter.

We never got a Tank.

Come to think of it, we never had any healers either.


I mean we’ve got victory in our grasp, but our hands were full.



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One Response to Morons. But maybe I’m harsh.

  1. Kestrel says:

    Man, I feel your pain. There have been way too many times when my Rogue has been the “tank” on Drek, or my Hunter’s cat… At the very least, any Plate-wearer should be able to step up and say “Boo!” while a dozen healers waste mana on him (or her).

    Nothing worse in BGs than being “all in” and not have a tank.

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