No lulls. Ogri’where?

I’m away from the office so away from blogging.

I do have a laptop along with me, and enough connectivity to play. (Ain’t technology a wonderful thing?)

So, I’ve been pvping with Stormsoul as Enhancement. Meh. Hard to tell how good you’re doing when Horde lose 100% of the matches in Alterac Valley. (Vindication Battlegroup.)

I’ve been pvping with Arcarius. Not so much fun when Alliance lose 100% of the matches in Alterac Valley. (Rampage Battlegroup.)

(There is a common denominator there somewhere!)

And our Druids are >< this close to being Outland bound. We’ve done the Elven route (Winterspring, some Silithus) and hope to spend next to no time in the Plaguelands. (That’ll be for our Humans, Honorus and Effilda.) On the wife dinging 58, I  already did, we’ll abandon all Azeroth quests and head into the Outlands. Should be fun. She hasn’t seen the Outland things from the Alliance side yet.

Otherwise, lunch time is for doing dailies. Shattered Sun Offensive dailies will pay for 2 epic riding lessons for the Druids in short order. (Ogri’la? Ogri’where?)

And once I get home Stormsoul has been invited to get back to raiding with the guild and knock out some Black Temple bosses. Fun times. 🙂


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