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Do you remember?

There we were.  Our mid-40s Forsaken returning from Brackenwall in Dustwallow Marsh to Orgrimmar to complete a quest. In flight on the windriders.  I was alt-tabbed out, catching up on news during the flight. The wife makes a remark passing through the … Continue reading

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Success in other endeavours. (But not in AV.)

I’m glad there’s more than BG’s. Tonight it was an all but Lady V clear of SSC. Because afterwards, in Alterac Valley, it was massacres over and over.  Horde would send in two man teams to take the bunkers.  They … Continue reading

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Lolz. I am not unique.

I knew I’d gotten enough honor to purchase the Season 1 shoulders with yesterdays honor earnings, so I logged out in the PvP vendors area. Today, I log on, and buy my shoulders. I wasn’t alone there. Guess who I … Continue reading

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Alliance of Rampage Battlegroup. WTH happened to you?

Last battle, Rampage Battlegroup: Horde 627, Alliance 0. At that point there is no difference between at least trying and boycotting. Continued Alliance losses means the Horde get better and better (gear, and morale) leaving the Alliance in worse and … Continue reading

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It must be the common denominator.

On my Alliance 70, on the Rampage Battlegroup, he loses 9 AV’s out of 10. This was the battlegroup where the Alliance boycotted for a while because they always lost.  Still do. On my Horde 70’s, on the Vindication Battlegroup, … Continue reading

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It’s the Level 60 end-games all over again. RIP, Sunwell Plateau.

Have you noticed: Progression: LBRS/Scholomance/Stratholme/UBRS -> HFC/Auchindon/CFR/CoT/TK T1 Molten Core -> T4 Karazhan/Gruul’s/Magtheridon T2 Blackwing Lair -> T5 Serpentshrine Cavern/The Eye T3 Naxxramas -> T6 Mt. Hyjal/Black Temple And as sideshows: T1+ Zul’Gurub -> T4+ Zul’Aman T2+ Ahn’Qiraj -> T5+ Sunwell … Continue reading

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Control pads.

DM Osbon over at Sweet Flag prompted us to show our work/play spaces. Droonda’s: Highlights include a nice Sony high-contrast 19″ flat screen.   And, yeah, she’s got a thing for Chivalry (that’s  Edmund Blair Leighton’s God Speed) and Middle Earth. … Continue reading

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