Rage against the machine.

Well, us actually. And he fared none too well.


I didn’t expect to get this far in the game. Tonight the guild took advantage of Blizzard’s largesse and ventured into Mount Hyjal.

Rage Winterchill rages no more.

They say he is the easiest boss there. No matter. It was a fun fight. And now that Chain Lightning no longer breaks crowd controlled mobs, all the waves we fought before the boss were just a monster mash.

And the trash was kind to Stormsoul. I finally replaced my DS3 chest piece, my last blue item, with the Chestguard of Relentless Storms.

P.S. What’s up with the new gear available at the Faction Vendors.  At Honored with each you can pick up a piece of gear.  For Shamans at least, there is an Elemental, Enhancement, and Resto piece of gear available for purchase.  Five factions, five pieces of armor for a complete set.  It matched the look of the Tidefury, but red rather than blue.  Not bad at all if I were still at that stage.  They’re really taking care of the 70’s now.  Did the other classes get something like this?

P.P.S.  It would appear all the classes will find this kind of gear.  Each of the factions sells one piece (per spec) of pvp-related (it’s got resilience), blue, level 70, armor that will comprise a set with bonuses.  Each piece is available at Honored with that faction.  My Nelf hunter, who’s done very few instances, is actually already Honored with the Cenarian Expedition and Honor Hold.  That would get him legs and gloves (if he had the cash).  Now I just need to figure the quickest way to Honored with Lower City, Shatar, and the Keepers of Time.


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2 Responses to Rage against the machine.

  1. doofythepaladin says:

    Awesome! And grats on Vashj, too.

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